Washington's Andrew Tchiblakian competes in the 200-meter individual medley during Monday's swim meet against Lake Chesterfield.

The Washington Swim Team opened its season with a home loss Monday to Lake Chesterfield, 325-200.

Washington returns to competition Monday at Cool Dell at 5:30 p.m.

In Monday’s meet, Lake Chesterfield held the lead for most of the meet.

Lake Chesterfield built a 35-17 lead in the individual medley races.

Washington’s winners in the individual medley were Lily Harrell and Max Blackmur.

Finishing second for Washington was Michael Finck.

Third-place finishers were Hannah Struckhoff, Emily Moreland, Andrew Tchiblakian and Cassandra Halsted.

In the freestyle event, Lake Chesterfield pushed its advantage to 89-70.

Washington’s winners in that stroke were Spencer Coates, Claire Van Biljon, Ryan Hoerstkamp, Mckenzie Dohm, Robert Halsted and Michael Mathews.

Second-place finishers from Washington were Jaelee Heien, Alexis Harriman, Louie Eckelkamp and Rily Van Biljon.

During the breaststroke, Lake Chesterfield moved ahead, 162-95.

Washington’s lone winner was Gabrielle Woll.

Second-place finishers from Washington were Avari Archer, Paige Lynn, Bonnie Eckelkamp and Dorian Knight.

In the freestyle relay races, Lake Chesterfield extended its lead to 183-110.

Winning teams for Washington were in the girls 6-under, girls 7-8, girls 9-10, girls 11-12 and boys 15-18.

Moving to the backstroke, Lake Chesterfield opened a 242-155 advantage.

Washington’s backstroke winners were Lauren Nieder, Spencer Coates, Lily Harrell, Ryan Hoerstkamp, Emily Reuwer and Lily Van Biljon.

Second-place finishers were Nick Sikes, Adam Mulkey and Claire Van Biljon.

The final individual stroke was the butterfly, where Lake Chesterfield held the overall lead, 290-178.

Washington’s winner was Emily Reuwer.

Second-place finishers were Avari Archer, Eva Gaugh and Lily Harrell.

The medley relay races closed out the meet.