The third time was the charm for the Union and Pacific swim teams Saturday, June 29.

Attempting to complete their Gateway Swimming and Diving Conference meet for the third time, the two teams succeeded in Pacific with visiting Union taking the victory, 309.5-212.5.

The teams originally tried to swim at Union Monday, June 17, but that meet was called off before it started due to thunderstorms.

The teams swam Wednesday, June 19, in Union, but a problem with scoring ended with those results being tossed.

The teams finally were able to compete Saturday, June 29, with the results counting.

Union controlled the meet, outscoring Pacific in girls events, 162.5-107.5, and in boys events, 147-105.

In individual medley races, Union’s winners were Emily Bell, Aidan Garlock, Alexis Garlock, Porter Allmeroth, Autumn Garlock, Morgan Livesay and Tyler Bell.

Pacific’s winner was Nick Wamsley.

Union’s second-place swimmers were Brianna Brown, Caleb Gerdel and Cole Cummings.

Placing second for Pacific were Elizabeth Wamsley, Lizi Delmain, Ryan Sauvage, Kaitlyn Delmain and Joel Virtudazo.

Ending third for Union were Rilyn Tesar, Jillian Johnston and Dylan Fitzgerald.

Pacific’s third-place swimmers were Jonah De Beir, Lexi Delmain and Clay Cummings.

In freestyle races, Union’s winners in scoring events were Aidan Garlock, Kara Deisner, Alexis Garlock, Porter Allmeroth, Autumn Garlock and Morgan Livesay.

Winning from Pacific were Morgan Bratch, Matthew Wamsley, Nick Wamsley and Joseph Schimsa.

In the breaststroke races, Union’s winners were Rachel Bolte, Connor Smith, Madelyn Helling, Colton Lewis, Morgan Livesay and Ricky Heflin.

Winning from Pacific were Cate Rathouz, Matthew Wamsley, Alyssa Crum, Livi Lindemann and Ryan Sauvage,

In the freestyle relay races, Union won the girls 6-under, girls 7-8, boys 7-8, girls 9-10, girls 11-12, boys 11-12, boys 13-14 and girls 15-18 races.

Pacific won the boys 9-10, boys 13-14 and boys 15-18 events.

The teams tied in the girls 13-14 race.

In the backstroke races, Union’s winners were Addison Vodnansky, Samuel Tecklenburg, Jack Allmeroth, Colton Lewis, Jillian Johnston and Tyler Bell.

Scoring top points for Pacific were Morgan Bratch, Vivian Hardcastle, Ted Toney, Alyssa Somers, Lexi Delmain and Nick Wamsley.

In the butterfly races, Union’s winners were Kylee Corber, Aidan Garlock, Emily Bell, Caleb Gerdel, Alexis Garlock, Porter Allmeroth, Jillian Johnston and Tyler Bell.

Winning races for Pacific were Lizi Delmain and Ryan Sauvage.

In the medley relay races, Union won the girls 8-under, boys 8-under, girls 9-10, girls 11-12, boys 11-12 and girls 15-18 races.

Pacific claimed the boys 9-10, girls 13-14, boys 13-14 and boys 15-18 races.