The Franklin County Junior Golf Program held its third tournament in the last four weeks in the area.

Sullivan Golf Club was the site for this week’s tournament on Thursday.

A total of 28 golfers braved the hot and humid weather conditions to participate in the event.

“All the kids said they had a blast,” said Mike Parmentier of Sullivan Golf Club. “They really liked the course and can’t wait for the next event.”

Representatives from Wolf Hollow Golf Club, Meramec Lakes Golf Course, Franklin County Country Club and Sullivan Golf Club are involved in the program.

Tournaments at Wolf Hollow, Meramec Lakes and Sullivan already have taken place this summer.

The fourth and final junior tournament is scheduled for Thursday, July 26, at Franklin County Country Club.

Golfers still can register at or by calling one of the participating golf courses.

The program is open to boys and girls ages 6-14.

Tournament Results

The low round of the nine-hole tournament was recorded by Kaleb Counts, who took top honors in the boys 11-14 age division with a round of 39.

Matthew Hoemann finished second in the boys 11-14 group with a score of 42. Gavin Yociss placed third with 43.

The remainder of the players in the boys 11-14 division were Jeffrey Phillips with 46, Oscar Buesking with 48, Will Schroeder with 55, Corey Staudinger with 56, Austin Siedhoff with 60, Rhyder Hall with 61, Brady Hindersmann with 61 and Ben Stowe with 64

Registering the second-best score of the day was Cade Jones, who finished in first place in the boys 10-11 division with a round of 40.

Zach Unnerstall placed second in the boys 10-11 group with a score of 45. Mark Maguire was third with 48.

Rounding out the boys 10-11 division were Trevor Kelly with 50, Adam Bell with 59 and Gus Burrow with 61.

Logan Lanfersieck was the winner in the boys 7-9 division with a round of 50.

Jacob McNiel placed second in the group with a score of 58. Ethan Etter was third with 61.

Also playing in the boys 7-9 division were Aiden Taylor with 66 and Seth Taylor with 75.

Six girls played in the tournament.

In the girls 11-14 age division, Mindy Henrich was the winner with a round of 47.

Kassidy Phillips placed second with a score of 52. Allie Dannagger ended third with 53. MaryJane Maguire was fourth with 73.

Aarica Jones finished first in the girls 6-10 division with a score of 66.

Lauren Nieder placed second with 72.