Alex Blechle is excited about his new adventure.

The Borgia graduate signed to play soccer at Manhattan Christian College, a powerhouse in the NCCAA Division II regional title.

Blechle, who helped the Knights win the 2012 district title, is looking forward to his future in Kansas.

“I like the small school atmosphere,” Blechle said. “I knew it would be a place where I could excel not only academically but on the soccer field and spiritually with my faith.”

Blechle feels honored in being able to go to Manhattan Christian.

“They’re a bit of a dynasty,” Blechle said. “I think they got third place last year in the national tournament and previously they’ve won it four other times since Coach (Rick) Wright has been coaching.”

Wright was a big reason why Blechle decided to go to Manhattan Christian.

“I really connected with the coach,” Alex said. “He reminds me a lot of my head coach in the way he teaches. I think this will be a perfect fit for me. I love the atmosphere at the school. I thought it was a beautiful campus. It felt like home to me.”

Faith has been important for Blechle and he is hoping to put his personal faith into action at college.

“I’m getting my degree in family ministries, but it’s the equivalent of a social work degree,” Blechle said.

Blechle knows he’s going to be at a small school, but that’s not obstacle.

“Just in case I get bored, K-State is right across the street,” Blechle said.

On the field, Blechle hopes to play defense at Manhattan Christian.

“I’m going to win balls like I did in high school,” Blechle said. “I’m going to push everyone around me and have them push me to become a better player. I wouldn’t be too shy about going up front sometimes.”

Blechle enjoyed his time with the Knights and noted several accomplishments for the team and personally.

“We never lost to Washington while I was here,” said Blechle. “We beat St. Dominic twice. We beat Duchesne, which was something that was unheard of. We won back-to-back district championships and we controlled local soccer while competing with big teams in St. Louis they said we couldn’t compete with.”

Blechle said Borgia had a special team.

“I remember after every practice we would come together,” said Blechle. “We were more of a family than a soccer team. We would go out to eat all of the time. We were just closer than any other team I’ve been a part of.”

Blechle played with St. Louis Scott Gallagher.

“They gave me a lot of tools necessary to be successful,” Blechle said.