Two meets, two wins.

That’s how the Washington Swim Team has begun the 2014 summer season.

The Washington Swim Team picked up a 259-206 victory over Westglen on Monday night at the Washington City Pool.

“It was an evening of changes,” Washington Head Coach Tracy Moreland said. “The swimmers were awesome and not only filled in where needed but then did an outstanding job for the team in those spots. The meet was close and when we told the final relay teams they were the key to bringing home the win they did what they needed to do. I think some of them even surprised themselves!”

The win comes after the team began its season with a 192-100 win over Oaks Landing the week before.

Monday’s meet opened with freestyle events and Washington’s winners were Hunter Mohart, Owen Shrewsbury, Ava Kauffeld, Maddie Grimes, Zachary Posinski, Aubrie Moreland, Ryan Hoerstkamp, McKenzie Dohm and Squire Holt.

Second-place finishers in freestyle events were Hannah Schneider, Jack Keck, Preston Mace, Gabrielle Mattli, Abby Lynn, Claire Ayers, Louie Eckelkamp and Robert Weirich.

Winners in breaststroke races were Avari Archer, Preston Mace, Claire Van Biljon and Colton Lewis.

Finishing second in breaststroke races were Shelby Whitacre, Abby Lynn, Caleb Haas, Emily Reuwer, Derek Van Booven, Bonnie Eckelkamp and Squire Holt.

In the freestyle relay races, Washington’s winning teams were girls 6 and under, boys 6 and under, boys 7-8, girls 9-10, girls 11-12, boys 11-12, girls 13-14 and boys 13-14.

Washington’s winners in the backstroke events were Hannah Schneider, Owen Shrewsbury, Avari Archer, Gabrielle Mattli, Claire Van Biljon, Emily Reuwer and Jacob Maune.

Winners in the butterfly were Hannah Schneider, Ava Overschmidt, Gabrielle Mattli, Claire Van Biljon, Ryan Hoerstkamp and Emily Reuwer.

Medley relay winners came in girls 11-12, girls 13-14 and girls 15-18.