For the Pacific Swim Team, there’s no place like home.

Hosting the Gateway Swimming and Diving League Janet Evans Division Meet Saturday, Pacific captured the division title.

“It was really cool for all the kids to get to win the conference meet at home,” Head Coach Hart Hillhouse said. “I knew that we kept improving our times. They deserved to win with the hard work they have been putting into practices to get better. The entire team swam well. Everyone helped to contribute to the win.”

Pacific scored 2,112.5 points to win the meet by a comfortable margin over runner-up Lake of the Woods (1,697). Defending division champion Union was third at 1,613 points. Indian Hills was fourth at 1,235 and Bridle Creek placed fifth at 398.

Pacific outscored the opposition in both genders. In boys events, Pacific scored 1,027 points with Lake of the Woods (895), Union (715), Indian Hills (672) and Bridle Creek (141) following.

On the girls side, Pacific had 1,085 points with Union (898) second, Lake of the Woods (802) third, Indian Hills (563) fourth and Bridle Creek (257) fifth.

Pacific’s individual winners were:

• Elizabeth Wamsley (girls 11-12 individual medley, freestyle);

• Matthew Wamsley (boys 11-12 individual medley);

• Nick Wamsley (boys 13-14 individual medley, backstroke, butterfly);

• Lizi Delmain (girls 15-18 individual medley):

• Ian Cox (boys 9-10 freestyle);

• Ryan Sauvage (boys 13-14 freestyle, breaststroke);  

• Dan Wamsley (boys 7-8 breaststroke);

• Livi Lindemann (girls 13-14 breaststroke);

• Anna Carter (girls 13-14 backstroke); and

• James Wamsley (boys 6-Under butterfly).

Placing second for Pacific were:

• Ian Cox (boys 9-10 individual medley, butterfly);

• Livi Lindemann (girls 13-14 individual medley, butterfly);

• Ryan Sauvage (boys 13-14 individual medley);

• Lexi Delmain (girls 15-18 individual medley, freestyle, backstroke);

• Ben Smith (boys 6-Under freestyle);

• Emily Bratch (girls 11-12 freestyle);

• Matthew Wamsley (boys 11-12 freestyle, breaststroke);

• Grace Liebhardt (girls 13-14 freestyle);

• Joseph Schimsa (boys 15-18 freestyle);

• Rhyan Murphy (girls 7-8 breaststroke)

• Elizabeth Wamsley (girls 11-12 breaststroke);

• Rachel Jones (girls 13-14 breaststroke);

• Taylor Barnes (girls 15-18 breaststroke);

• Rhyan Murphy (girls 7-8 freestyle, backstroke);

• Xavian Cox (boys 7-8 backstroke);

• Hannah Uffman (girls 13-14 backstroke);

• Adam Van Winkle (boys 13-14 backstroke); and

• Lizi Delmain (girls 15-18 butterfly).

Taking third place for Pacific were:

• Grace Liebhardt (girls 13-14 individual medley);

• Dan Wamsley (boys 7-8 freestyle, butterfly);

• Josh Wamsley (boys 11-12 freestyle);

• Taylor Barnes (girls 15-18 freestyle);

• Lizi Delmain (girls 15-18 breaststroke);

• Joel Virtudazo (boys 15-18 breaststroke);

• Regan Rathouz (girls 11-12 backstroke);

• Josh Liebhardt (boys 11-12 backstroke);

• Lillian Hardcastle (girls 13-14 backstroke);

• Kaitlyn Delmain (girls 15-18 backstroke);

• Joseph Schimsa (boys 15-18 backstroke);

• Adyson Trower (girls 7-8 butterfly); and

• Emily Bratch (girls 11-12 butterfly).

Swimmers earned points all the way through 12th place.

Pacific’s fourth-place swimmers were Joel Virtudazo, Charli Daub, James Wamsley, Maggie Donnelly, Abby Rathouz, Lillian Hardcastle, Joseph Schimsa, Ava Cobb, Ben Smith, MacIe Duncan, Robby Gentry, Gabriella Sauvage, Josh Liebhardt, Grace Liebhardt and Ashton Moore.

Ending fifth were Dom Curry, Ashton Moore, Hope Bratch, Maddie King, Joel Eckelkamp, Mari Lopez, Kyle Robinson, Alex Pins, Amanda Virtudazo and Rachel Timms.

Finishing sixth were Rachel Jones, Adam Van Winkle, Ethen Holland (twice), Lillian Hardcastle, Gabriella Sauvage (twice), Joel Virtudazo, Ainsley Virtudazo, Gavin Fogg, Abby Rathouz, Dom Curry, Connor Robinson, MacKenzie Ekren, Paul Carter and Hannah Uffman.

Securing seventh were Maggie Donnelly (twice), Xavian Cox, Evan Podner (twice), Robby Gentry, Morgan Bratch, Amanda Virtudazo, Mari Lopez and Maddie King.

Ending eighth were Morgan Bratch, Emily Bratch, Kaitlyn Delmain, Ava Cobb, Joel Eckelkamp, Timmy Smith, Adam Van Winkle, Paul Carter, Will Jett, Vivian Hardcastle, Adyson Trower, Katie Fogg and Kaitlyn Delmain.

Notching ninth were Hope Bratch, MacIe Duncan, Hannah Uffman, Rachel Timms, Kate Eckelkamp, Mari Lopez, Maddie King, Skylar Moore, MacKenzie Ekren, Julia Walsh, Timmy Smith and Emma Holland.

Taking 10th were Bri Crum (twice), Ilana Reeder, Rachel Jones, Connor Robinson, MacKenzie Ekren, Logan Yantes, Danielle Sokeland, Rhianna Heitkamp, Kyle Robinson, Tyler Eckelkamp, Ainsley Virtudazo and Bethany Mruzik.

Earning 11th were Ainsley Virtudazo, Alex Pins, Anna Carter, Cate Rathouz, Leah Cross, Cole Sutterer (twice), Gavin Fogg and Emma Holland.

Placing 12th were Danielle Sokeland, Nate Chapman, Evan Podner, Logan Yantes, Skylar Moore, Alex Pins, Rhianna Heitkamp and Josh Mruzik.

Pacific’s winning freestyle relay teams were the boys 7-8, boys 13-14, girls 15-18 and boys 15-18 squads.

Freestyle teams placing second were the girls 11-12 and girls 13-14 squads.

Medley relay winners were the boys 8-Under, girls 13-14, boys 13-14, girls 15-18 and boys 15-18 squads.

Finishing second in medley relays were the girls 8-Under, girls 11-12 and boys 11-12 squads.