Washington was well represented on the GAC Central all-conference football team.

The league’s head coaches made first- and second-team selections.

Washington secured 15 all-conference spots, including 10 first-team selections.

For the second-team, two Blue Jays made the offensive squad and three were selected to the defense.

Making the first team for Washington were:

• Junior running back Kyle Summers;

• Senior wide receiver Brock Hopkins;

• Senior wide receiver Max Phinney;

• Senior offensive lineman Brad Hellebusch;

• Senior offensive lineman Jared Walde;

• Senior quarterback Luke Hasenjaeger, who was named to the athlete position;

• Senior kicker Luke Hoemann;

• Junior defensive lineman Nathan Kopp;

• Senior defensive back Dilan Bollmann; and

• Junior linebacker Kyle Summers.

Making the second team for Washington were:

• Senior running back Randall Flotte;

• Senior wide receiver Derek Walters;

• Senior defensive end Jared Walde;

• Senior linebacker Caleb Summers; and

• Senior punter Max Phinney.

Other players on the first-team offense were Ft. Zumwalt East quarterback Shane Barrett, Holt running back Tray Mitchell, Ft. Zumwalt South running back Chase Abbington, Ft. Zumwalt East wide receiver Matt Etherton, Ft. Zumwalt East lineman Jake Whitling, Ft. Zumwalt North lineman Patrick Kane and Holt lineman Austin Mayse.

Others on the first-team defense were Ft. Zumwalt North lineman Teddy Ballmann, Holt defensive end Dan Freymuth, Ft. Zumwalt South defensive end Mike Deeds, Ft. Zumwalt South defensive back Justin Smith, Ft. Zumwalt North defensive back Kory Morton, Holt defensive back Darren Love, Holt linebacker Mark Cushing, Holt linebacker Clint Koons, Ft. Zumwalt East linebacker Mason Burnett, Holt athlete James McMahon and Holt punter Ethan Nixon.

Other players on the second-team offense were Ft. Zumwalt North quarterback Zach Hilliard, Ft. Zumwalt North running back Deon Lewis, Holt running back Mark Cushing, Ft. Zumwalt South wide receiver Justin Smith, Holt wide receiver Drew Kitson, Ft. Zumwalt East lineman Zach Goodsell, Ft. Zumwalt North lineman Evan Miller, Ft. Zumwalt South lineman Dustin Wood, Ft. Zumwalt South lineman Chris Hood, Holt lineman Dan Freymuth, Ft. Zumwalt North athlete Colin Mueller and Holt kicker Jesse Rocha.

Others on the second-team defense were Zumwalt South lineman Dustin Wood, Holt lineman Jared Blakely, Ft. Zumwalt East defensive end Nick Glenn, Ft. Zumwalt East defensive back Lawrence Veal, Holt defensive back Jake Thompson, Holt defensive back Jesse Rocha, Ft. Zumwalt East defensive back Aramis Thomas, Ft. Zumwalt South linebacker Dillon Bowman, Ft. Zumwalt North linebacker Jeremy Davidson, Ft. Zumwalt South linebacker Arnold Jaeger and Ft. Zumwalt North athlete Jalen Price.

Ben Gratza represented Washington on the GAC Central sportsmanship team.

Washington players on the GAC Central all-academic team were Zach Pointer, Alex Schull, DJ Quaethem, Caleb Curran, Alex Monehan, Zachary Ray, Austin Subke, Nick Cunningham, Dillon Bauer, Brandon Brown, Nick Thiel, Michael Wadlow, Collin Anderson, Jacob Brinker, Flotte, Hasenjaeger, Hoemann, Gratza, Walters, Phinney, Bollmann, Kopp and Hellebusch.

Holt won the GAC Central title with a 4-0 record. Ft. Zumwalt East was second at 3-1 followed by Washington at 2-2, Ft. Zumwalt North at 1-3 and Ft. Zumwalt South at 0-4.