Field class tractor pulling once again was in the Motor Sports lineup at the Washington Town and Country Fair. Fifty participants competed in six classes Friday, Aug. 9, at the RA-Comm Security Motor Sports Arena.

Leonard Ley was the winner in Class A with a pull of 251.62 feet and Loren Unger came in second with a pull of 248.85 feet. Chad Kohlbusch finished third at 248.07 feet, Brian Ley was fourth with 245.90 feet and Kurt Koch came in fifth with a pull of 245.80 feet. Class A consists of tractors weighing less than 6,000 pounds and 60 horsepower.

Ron Gerlemann won Class B with a pull of 241 feet, followed by Bryahna Steinbeck in second with a pull of 213.30 feet and Unger in third at 212.21 feet. Ray Schowe finished fourth at 210.14 feet and Thomas Glosemeyer was fifth at 209.41 feet. Class B tractors must weigh between 6,001 and 7,500 pounds with 75 horsepower.

Brian Ley secured first place in Class C at 258.01 feet. Dustin TenEyck came in second place with a pull of 255.25 feet and Ethan Brandt was third with 245.60 feet. William Barrett came in fourth at 242.09 feet and Jake Borcherding was fifth with 231.51 feet. Class C tractors must weigh between 7,501 and 9,500 pounds with 95 horsepower.

Dewayne Blaue was the winner of Class D with a pull of 283.21 feet and Mark Amelung secured second at 265.40 feet. Tucker Heubaer’s pull of 256.52 feet put him in third place, followed by Stephanie Holdmeyer in fourth with a pull of 252.46 feet and Brian Ley in fifth at 249.49 feet. Class D tractors must weigh between 9,501 and 11,500 pounds with 125 horsepower.

Borcherding was the Class E winner with a pull of 274.13 feet. Mike Hilkerbaumer finished second at 267.63 feet, followed by Jim Hardecke in third with a pull of 267.32 and Troy Blaue in fourth place at 266.54 feet. Bob Ley was fifth with a pull of 246.79 feet. Class E tractors must weigh between 11,501 and 13,500 pounds with 155 horsepower.

John Huellinghoff finished first in Class F with a pull of 292.01 feet and Ryan Huellinghoff was second at 276.34 feet. John Busch came in third place at 268.75 feet, followed by Matt Kuenzel in fourth at 264.54 feet and Kevin Meyer in fifth at 262.65 feet. Class F tractors must weigh between 13,501 and 17,000 pounds with 180 horsepower.