And the 2013 version of Race Across America Powered by Trane has ridden off into the sunrise.

Mira RAAM Quebec, an 8-person open team, reached Time Station 34 at Revolution Cycles in Washington at 3:07 a.m. Friday morning.

With the departure of Mira RAAM Quebec, all individuals and teams still in the competition have passed through not only Washington, but all of Missouri headed east.

Many of the individuals have completed the event as well as one team.

The first racer to reach Annapolis, Md., and the finish line was Christoph Strasser.

He had been the first rider to reach Washington last Sunday at 10:37 a.m. He completed his race Wednesday at 3:01 p.m. EDT at an average of 15.66 mph. That broke the old speed record of 15.40 mph set by Pete Penseyres in 1986 and the old time record set by Rob Kish in 1992. Strasser became the first individual to break the 8-day mark.

Besides being the first overall finisher, Strasser won the solo male under 50 division.

Second place in that category went to Dani Wyss, who finished Thursday at 1:20 p.m. EDT.

Defending champion Reto Schoch took third, reaching the finish line at 3:54 p.m. EDT Thursday.

Also finishing the race were Mark Pattinson, Marko Baloh, Davis Misch and Jason “The Hammer” Lane.

As they came through Washington, the order had been Strasser, Schoch, Wyss, Gerhard Gulewicz, Baloh, Pattinson, Eduard Fuchs, Lane and Misch.

Gulewicz was forced to drop out somewhere around Time Station 42. Fuchs was leading the remaining racers Friday morning with a 17-minute edge over Gerald Bauer at Time Station 51.

The top female was Maria Parker/3,000 Miles to a Cure. The solo female 50-59 racer was last marked at Time Station 42 Friday morning.

In the solo female under 50 division, Cassie Schumacher (Pedal for Heroes USA) was at Time Station 40 while her lone competition, Lisa Dougherty (Team Los Alamos Schools) was at Time Station 39.

In the solo male 50-59 division, Franz Wintersberger was two time stations ahead of Guenter Haas. Wintersberger was at Time Station 46 while Haas had last checked in at Time Station 44.

In the solo male 60-69 division, Mario Fraternali held a lead of about one time station on Patrick Seely. Fraternali had been marked at Time Station 42 Friday morning while Seely reached Time Station 41 over three hours previously.

One team, Allied Forces - Team 4Mil/Strategic Lions, has finished. That 8-person open team finished the trek in five days, three hours and 45 minutes. That broke the old record set last year by Team ViaSat.

Team CEO Challenges and Team O’Side were between Time Stations 46 and 47 with Team Barrow one time station behind.

Leaders in the other team divisions Friday morning were:

• 2-person female under 50 — Power, Pedals and Ponytails at Time Station 37;

• 2-person male under 50 — Biking Vikings at Time Station 46;

• 2-person male 50-59 — Polish Ultracycling Team at Time Station 40;

• 2-person mixed 50-59 — Flying J’s at Time Station 43;

• 4-person female under 50 — Love, Sweat & Gears at Time Station 44;

• 4-person male under 50 — 4athletes powered by gateprotect at Time Station 51;

• 4-person male 50-59 — Green Beret Foundation at Time Station 43;

• 4-person mixed under 50 — Vencendo Desafios Team Brasil at Time Station 39;

• 4-person mixed 50-59 — Team Break the Cycle at time Station 40; and

• 4-person mixed 60-69 — Team GOALED at Time Station 43.

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