Several area high school football players have received honors in recent days from two different all-state committees of media and coaches.

A total of 12 area players received 16 awards from the two organizations.

The media team is being termed “statewide media” and its affiliation with the Missouri Sportswriters and Sportscasters Association is not known.

The same group which handled the state polls this season also handled the all-state selections.

The coaches team was put together by a vote of members of the Missouri Football Coaches Association.

With two organizations voting, a number of area athletes were able to add all-state honors.

Class 5

• Jared Walde, Washington senior offensive lineman, media second team;

• Dilan Bollmann, Washington senior defensive back, coaches second team; and

• Luke Hasenjaeger, Washington senior quarterback, coaches third team.

Class 4

• Dalton Turner, Sullivan senior linebacker, media first team, coaches second team;

• Justin Biermann, Sullivan junior running back, coaches first team (athlete), media second team;

• Tony Helfrich, Borgia senior punter, coaches first team, media second team,

• Seth Mesey, Sullivan senior defensive lineman, coaches first team;

• Adam Brott, St. Clair senior defensive back, coaches second team;

• Ben Suntrup, St. Clair senior linebacker, coaches second team;

• Devin Roberts, Warrenton senior receiver, media second team, coaches third team;

• Kyle Juergens, St. Clair senior quarterback, coaches third team; and

• Rickey Grivetti, St. Clair senior defensive back, coaches third team.