All 19 ballot items have been approved on the Missouri State High School Activities Association.

In a rarity, every item presented on the annual ballot passed, including proposals to add to its emerging activities list.

Voting concluded this week with only 522 of the 755 voting schools taking part in the balloting. That’s 69 percent of the schools submitting their votes on time.

That broke down to 198 of 264 high schools (75 percent), 277 of 327 combined schools (85 percent) and 47 of 164 junior high schools (29 percent).

The closest voting came on the emerging activities balloting.

• Bass fishing was approved by a 275-247 margin.

• Bowling was approved by a 289-233 margin.

• Chess was approved by a 267-255 margin.

• Target shooting was approved by a 264-258 margin.

Those would fall under MSHSAA regulation, though the organization would not hold a state championship series in those events until 50 member schools committed to fielding teams.

Three ballot items addressed the start of fall sports practices.

Proposal 3, approved by a 367-165 margin, will require a 16-day heat acclimatization period for fall sports “in order to reduce the chances of athletes succumbing to exertional heat stroke.”

Proposal 12, approved by a 313-162 margin, will allow schools to start fall practices seven days earlier than in the past to give schools the time to get the 16 acclimatization days in. It also moves the first available high school contests five days earlier. This will take effect in 2014-15.

And Proposal 9, approved by a 469-53 margin, changes wording on the fall sports dead period to “seven days in length and takes place just prior to the first allowable practice date for the fall season.”

Other highlights included Proposal 10, which will allow schools to conduct a preseason interschool scrimmage in baseball, basketball, soccer, softball and volleyball. It passed by a 324-149 margin.

Proposal 11, passed by a 292-71 margin, allows the season limit for football players to be increased from five times to six times the number of games played by the higher team an athlete competes on.

Proposal 14 will establish a spring softball championship series. Passed 214-205, it will require that schools select one championship series to compete in and there will be certain restrictions on the spring series.

Proposal 19, submitted by a petition, was passed by a 290-185 margin. It’s designed to waive the 513-school requirement needed to split track into five classes. MSHSAA Communications Director Jason West confirmed it will be for the two-year cycle starting in 2014-15.