Pulling through last Friday, the Washington Swim Team repeated as Gateway Swimming and Diving League Matt Biondi Division champions.

The Stingrays captured the meet at Westminster Christian Academy, scoring 1,859 points.

Chadwick was second in the final standings at 1,421.5 points. Westglen took third at 1,202 while Villages of Cherry Hills was fourth at 1,090.5, Oaks Landing scored 974.5 points and Fox Creek ended at 716.5 points.

“The kids were amazing,” Washington Head Coach Tracy Moreland said. “They pulled together as a team and had some amazing swims. The swimmers who always come through for us did. However, the key to winning conference, was in the number of swimmers who got sixth through 12th place. Those kids came through for us too. It was definitely a team effort and win.”

Moreland said the win extends beyond the swimmers as the team has a strong support group running things.

“I also want to recognize the swim board, the coaching team and the parents, all of whom played a tremendous role in the success of the season,” Moreland said.

Washington’s individual event winners were:

• Spencer Coates (boys 9-10 individual medley, freestyle, backstroke);

• Claire Van Biljon (girls 9-10 individual medley, freestyle, backstroke);

• Ryan Hoerstkamp (boys 11-12 individual medley, freestyle);

• Emily Reuwer (girls 13-14 individual medley, backstroke, butterfly);

• McKenzie Dohm (tied in girls 13-14 freestyle);

• Hannah Whitacre (tied in girls 13-14 freestyle);

• Abby Lynn (girls 11-12 breaststroke);

• Mason Kauffeld (boys 11-12 breaststroke);

• Colton Lewis (boys 13-14 breaststroke);

• Avari Archer (girls 7-8 backstroke);

• Caleb Haas (boys 11-12 backstroke); and

• Hannah Schneider (girls 6-Under butterfly).

Stingrays taking second were:

• Zachary Posinski (boys 9-10 individual medley);

• Hannah Schneider (girls 6-Under freestyle);

• Abby Lynn (girls 9-10 freestyle, butterfly);

• Michael Matthews (boys 15-18 freestyle, butterfly);

• Avari Archer (girls 7-8 breaststroke, butterfly);

• Hannah Whitacre (girls 13-14 breaststroke);

• Emmalyne Henderson (girls 6-Under backstroke);

• Jack Keck (boys 6-Under backstroke);

• McKenzie Dohm (girls 13-14 backstroke); and

• Mason Kauffeld (boys 11-12 butterfly).

Swimming to third place were:

• Michael Matthews (boys 15-18 individual medley);

• Emmalyne Henderson (girls 6-Under freestyle);

• Ava Kauffeld (girls 7-8 freestyle);

• Ava Engemann (girls 9-10 breaststroke);

• Aubrie Moreland (girls 11-12 breaststroke);

• Alyssa Blomberg (girls 15-18 breaststroke);

• Hunter Mohart (girls 6-Under backstroke);

• Carter Kuenzel (boys 7-8 backstroke);

• Cassandra Halsted (girls 15-18 backstroke);

• Ryan Hoerstkamp (boys 11-12 butterfly); and

• Hannah Whitacre (girls 13-14 butterfly).

Fourth-place Washington finishers were Lauren Nieder, Aubrie Moreland (twice), Caleb Haas, Tara Nolkemper (twice), Squire Holt (twice), Maddie Grimes, Paige Lynn, Isabella Richardson, Ryan Kluesner, Ryan Coates, Nick Sikes and Louie Eckelkamp.

Taking fifth were Mason Kauffeld, Ava Kauffeld, Olivia Smith, Bryson Brinkmann, Nina Klak and Claire Ayers,

Swimming to sixth were Colton Lewis, Hunter Mohart, Owen Shrewsbury (twice), Claire Ayers, Louie Eckelkamp, Kaylee Benhardt, Lauren Dowil, Madeline Dowil, Jacob Smith (twice), Eleanor Pettet, Ava Kauffeld, Zachary Posinski, Ryan Kluesner, McKenzie Dohm and Robert Halsted.

Securing seventh were Miles Hellebusch, Claire Ayers, Robert Halsted, Robert Weirich, Isabella Richardson, Nina Klak, Christian Shrewsbury (twice), Cecelia Kopp (twice), Colton Lewis, Payton Lackey, Zachary Posinski, Anna Eckelkamp, Eli Haddox, Squire Holt, Noah Little, Olivia Smith, Jacob Maune and Cassandra Halsted.

Ending eighth were Louie Eckelkamp, Cassandra Halsted, Lauren Nieder, Eli Haddox, Alyssa Blomberg, Britney Harriman, Mansfield Mohart, Alicia Baylard, Connor Kriete, Anna Eckelkamp and Caleb Haas.

Posting ninth-place finishes were Elizabeth Sinnott, Evie Alferman, Alyssa Blomberg, Nick Sikes, Jack Keck, Carter Kuenzel, Paige Lynn (twice), Robert Halsted, Robert Weirich, Ethan Beers, Bonnie Eckelkamp, Madison Keck, Clayton Williams, Kylee Perriman, Eli Haddox, Sarah Eckelkamp, Maddy Henderson, Miles Hellebusch and David Meyers.

Taking 10th were Alicia Baylard, Bryson Brinkmann, Elizabeth Sinnott, Ryan Kluesner, Jacob Smith, Andrew Simily, Tara Nolkemper, Connor Kriete, Hannah Schneider, Evie Alferman, Madison Nelson, Shelby Whitacre, Sarah Eckelkamp and Jacob Maune.

Earning 11th were Shelby Whitacre, Avery Lackey, Aspen Nelson, Madison Nelson, Aidan Brinkmann (thrice), Bailey Harriman, Ryan Coates, Sarah Eckelkamp, Jacob Maune, Alicia Baylard, Maddy Henderson and Sarah Hoemann.

Netting a point for 12th-place finishes were Kylee Perriman, Ellie Unerstall, Andrew Simily, Cadence Seim and Sarah Hoemann.

Washington’s winning teams in the freestyle relay races were in the girls 6-Under, girls 11-12, boys 11-12 and girls 13-14 divisions.

Taking second were the boys 6-Under, boys 13-14 and boys 15-18 teams.

In the medley relay races, Washington’s winning teams were in the girls 8-Under, girls 11-12, boys 11-12 and girls 13-14 races.

Washington placed second in the boys 13-14 division.