Hosting the Gateway Swimming and Diving Conference Janet Evans Division meet, the Pacific Swim team brought home third place in this year’s event Saturday, July 13.

Union won the meet with 2,002 points. Lake of the Woods took second with 1,632.5 points. Pacific was next at 1,354.5 points and Indian Hills finished fourth with 1,268 points.

Pacific scored most of its points on the girls side, netting 828.5 points to finish second among girls. Union led the meet with 1,155.5 girls points. Lake of the Woods had 737 and Indian Hills finished with 586.

Pacific struggled on the boys side, scoring 526 points to rank fourth among all teams. Lake of the Woods had 895.5 points, Union scored 846.5 and Indian Hills was next at 682.

Pacific’s individual winners were:

• Lizi Delmain (girls 13-14 individual medley, breaststroke and butterfly);

• Nick Wamsley (boys 13-14 individual medley, backstroke and butterfly); and

• Hope Bratch (girls 7-8 breaststroke).

Taking second were:

• Jonah De Beir (boys 11-12 individual medley);

• Lexi Delmain (girls 13-14 freestyle and backstroke);

• Ian Cox (boys 9-10 breaststroke);

• Livi Lindemann (girls 13-14 breaststroke);

• Ryan Sauvage (boys 13-14 breaststroke);

• James Wamsley (boys 6-under backstroke); and

• Lillian Hardcastle (girls 13-14 backstroke).

Pacific’s third-place finishers were:

• Elizabeth Wamsley (girls 11-12 individual medley);

• Lexi Delmain (girls 13-14 individual medley);

• Ryan Sauvage (boys 13-14 individual medley and freestyle);

• Lillian Hardcastle (girls 13-14 freestyle);

• Bella Sauvage (girls 15-18 freestyle);

• Alyssa Crum (girls 11-12 breaststroke);

• Taylor Barnes (girls 15-18 breaststroke);

• Morgan Bratch (girls 7-8 backstroke);

• Dan Wamsley (boys 7-8 backstroke);

• Amanda Virtudazo (girls 13-14 backstroke);

• Livi Lindemann (girls 13-14 butterfly); and

• Kaitlyn Delmain (girls 15-18 butterfly);

Taking fourth were McKinley Munk (twice), Livi Lindemann, Kaitlyn Delmain, Rachel Timms (twice), Sofia Lange, Jonah DeBeir, Bella Sauvage, Coleman Kuseliauskas and Ashton Moore.

Finishing fifth were Taylor Barnes (twice), Joseph Schimsa (three times), Cate Rathouz, James Wamsley, Jonah De Beir, Morgan Bratch, Logan Yantes, Lillian Hardcastle, Maggie Donnelly, Joel Virtudazo, Kaitlyn Delmain and Bella Sauvage.

Scoring for sixth were Maggie Donnelly (twice), Joel Virtudazo, Hope Bratch, Elizabeth Wamsley (twice), Paul Carter, Ashton Moore, Adam Van Winkle, Regan Rathouz, Mackenzie Ekren and Ian Cox.

Seventh-place swimmers were Emily Bratch, Morgan Bratch, Matthew Wamsley, Joseph Petersen, McKinley Munk and Adam Van Winkle.

Ending eighth were Ainsley Virtudazo, Mackenzie Ekren (twice), Sofia Lange, Joel Virtudazo, Abby Carroll, Evan Ponder, Amanda Virtudazo, Robby Gentry, John Whitelock, Cate Rathouz, Macie Duncan, Paul Carter, Emily Bratch and Bethany Mruzik.

Netting points for ninth were Abby Carroll, Vivian Hardcastle, Paul Carter, Delia Toney, Nora Toney and Macie Duncan.

Taking 10th were Will Jett, Ian Cox, Emily Bratch, Amanda Virtudazo, Joseph Petersen, Abby Rathouz, Nora Toney, Evan Podner and Adam Van Winkle.

Adding points for 11th were Dan Wamsley, Rachel Timms, Ainsley Virtudazo, John Whitelock and Delia Toney.

Scoring one point for 12th-place finishes were Bethany Mruzik, Coleman Kuseliauskas, Bethany Lange, Emily Carter and Robby Gentry.

In freestyle relays, Pacific’s lone first-place team was:

• Boys 13-14 team of Paul Carter, Adam Van Winkle, Ryan Sauvage and Nick Wamsley;

Taking second were:

• Girls 11-12 team of Abby Carroll, McKinley Munk, Emily Bratch and Elizabeth Wamsley;

• Girls 15-18 team of Kaitlyn Delmain, Taylor Barnes, Maggie Donnelly and Bella Sauvage; and

• Boys 15-18 team of Ashton Moore, Joel Virtudazo, Coleman Kuseliauskas and Joseph Schimsa.

In medley relays, Pacific’s first-place teams were:

• Girls 13-14 team of Lexi Delmain, Lillian Hardcastle, Lizi Delmain and Livi Lindemann; and

• Boys 13-14 team of Adam Van Winkle, Ryan Sauvage, Nick Wamsley and Paul Carter.

Finishing second were:

• Girls 11-12 team of Elizabeth Wamsley, Alyssa Crum, McKinley Munk and Abby Carroll;

• Girls 15-18 team of Bella Sauvage, Taylor Barnes, Kaitlyn Delmain and Maggie Donnelly; and

• Boys 15-18 team of Coleman Kuseliauskas, Joel Virtudazo, Ashton Moore and Joseph Schimsa.

Pacific Dive Team

Pacific’s diving team placed fourth in its division meet at Cool Dell July 14.

Nick Wamsley was the top finisher, taking third in the boys 13-14 division.

Jarrett Henderson was fourth in the boys 15-18 division and Livi Lindemann took fourth in the girls 13-14 category.

Xavian Cox (boys 8-under) and Isabelle Reeder (girls 9-10) each placed fifth.

Ainsley Virtudazo (girls 9-10) placed sixth.

Seventh-place finishers were Daniel Wamsley (boys 8-under) and Danielle Sokeland (girls 9-10).

Taking eight was Lizi Delmain (girls 13-14).

Amanda Virtudazo was 10th in the girls 13-14 division while Lexi Delmain took 12th.

Elizabeth Wamsley was 11th in the girls 11-12 division.