Super Bowl XLVII between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers takes place Sunday in New Orleans.

Kickoff is set for 5:30 p.m. with the game televised on CBS.

Area experts predict the outcome of the game.

Taking the 49ers...

Andy Herbst, Pacific AD

“Baltimore is worried too much about (Colin) Kaepernick and they’ll let (Frank) Gore run all over them. I want to see our Mizzou boys, Aldon and Justin Smith, get a ring.”

49ers 24, Ravens 21

Greg Dunigan, St. Clair AD

“(Mike) Hunter and I say San Francisco. We are NFC and Mizzou guys. They’ll come through.”

49ers 27, Ravens 20

Bill Deckelman, Washington AD

“The 49ers play hard-nosed football.”

49ers 28, Ravens 21

George Hinkle, Pacific Football (and former NFL player)

“I don’t think Baltimore’s defense can stop San Francisco’s offense. Baltimore has no answer for Kaepernick.”

49ers 28, Ravens 14

Cody McDowell, St. Clair Football

“I’m choosing San Francisco because I’m a fan of (Jim) Harbaugh, Kaepernick and the MU boys on the defensive line. But with the roll Baltimore’s on, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Ravens pulled it out.”

49ers 28, Ravens 24

Erick Webster, Union Football

“Maybe I’m jumping on the bandwagon, but Kaepernick seems to be the real deal and the Ravens defense is getting old. Plus I’m a huge Steelers fan and as much as I want the AFC North to have a good showing, the Ravens beat the Steelers and I want to see them go down.”

49ers 24, Ravens 21

Zach Schneider, Washington Football

“I really enjoy the offensive innovations the 49ers are bringing to the NFL. However, a part of me is rooting for Ray Lewis to retire as a Super Bowl champ.”

49ers 27, Ravens 24

Will Johnson, Gasconade County Republican

“As much as I’d like to see Ray Lewis end his career with another ring, I don’t see the Ravens defense containing Colin Kaepernick’s arm or legs.”

49ers 27, Ravens 24

Craig Vonder Haar, Missourian Sports Writer

“San Francisco has never lost in the Super Bowl. The Ravens can’t stop Mizzou’s Justin Smith and Aldon Smith.”

49ers 27, Ravens 17

And taking the Ravens...

Dale Gildehaus, Borgia football

“It seems like everything has been going right for Baltimore. You need a little luck, which they’ve had, a very good defense, which they have, and a quarterback who is making big-time plays, which (Joe) Flacco has done.”

Ravens 28, 49ers 24

Pat Burke, Sullivan football

“Defense wins championships so I’ve got to go with the Ravens and their geriatric Hall of Famers.”

Ravens 27, 49ers 17

Jeff Duncan, Parkway West football

“It's tough to go against the 49ers, but Atlanta showed that they could contain Kaepernick and I think the Ravens defense will do the same. Ray Lewis goes out as Super Bowl champion.”

Ravens 20, 49ers 19

Chris Arand, Union AD

“The Ray Lewis story will play out and the Ravens will be Super Bowl champs.”

Ravens 27, 49ers 24

Brad Bruns, Borgia AD

“I like rooting for the underdog.”

Ravens 30, 49ers 27

John Covington, KLPW Radio

“Joe Flacco will be the difference. He will establish himself as an elite quarterback. Ray Lewis in the middle on defense will play like a ‘raging stag.’ Antler spray is not an issue.”

Ravens 31, 49ers 21

Bill Battle, Missourian Sports Editor

“It’s hard to believe a team which struggled so badly against the Rams could win the Super Bowl. Baltimore will emulate what the Rams were able to do and pull out the victory.”

Ravens 24, 49ers 17