Washington’s girls and Pacific’s boys captured team titles at a four-team track and field meet Tuesday at Pacific High School.

The Lady Jays took the girls team title with 117.5 points.

Union finished second with 70.5 points followed by Pacific with 47 and Borgia with 36.

“We were very pleased with the way our kids handled themselves in the first meet of the season. The weather was not ideal, but compared to what we have fared the past few weeks, the weather was easy to deal with,” said Washington Coach Mike Olszowka. “The girls seemed to pick up right where they left off last season. As happy as we are with their performances, we were even happier with the progress the boys team made since last season.”

The Indians claimed the boys team crown with 97.5 points.

Washington finished second with 81.5 points followed by Union with 57 and Borgia with 25.

“We performed really well. I thought Washington might get us, so it was a pleasant surprise to win it,” said Pacific Coach Jim Rutherford. “Jeffrey Hinkle won both the 100 and 200 and our relays did pretty well. Overall, it was a good meet for us.”

Boys Results

• 100-meter dash — Pacific’s Jeffrey Hinkle won in 11.75. Union’s Ryan Schumaker was second in 11.78.

• 200-meter dash — Pacific’s Hinkle won in 24.03. Union’s Schumaker was second in 24.5.

• 400-meter dash — Borgia’s Luke Schreiwer won in 53.5. Union’s Logan Bellamy placed second in 55.9.

• 800-meter dash — Washington’s Travis Elbert won in 2:11. Pacific’s Joon Kim placed second in 2:17.

• 1,600-meter run — Washington’s Elbert won in 4:49. Pacific’s Kim was second in 5:03.

• 3,200-meter run — Pacific’s Jeremy Hill placed first in 11:02.3. Washington’s Ian Smith ended second in 11.02.8

• 110-meter high hurdles — Washington’s Brenden Leslie won in 15.8. Pacific’s Ben Cates placed second at 16.7

• 300-meter intermediate hurdles — Washington’s Leslie won in 43.4. Washington’s DJ Quaethem was second in 46.2

• 400-meter relay — Pacific’s Tyler Miller, Justin Moyle, Cates and Hinkle won in 46.9. Washington was second.

• 800-meter relay — Borgia’s Matt Howard, Ben Meyer, Cameron Rolf and Schreiwer won in 1:41. Union finished second.

• 1,600-meter relay — Pacific’s Dan Dieckmann, Doug Bequette, Kim and Cates won in 3:47. Borgia placed second.

• 3,200-meter relay — Pacific’s Tristan Moore, Dieckmann, Hill and Kim placed first in 8:53. Washington ended second.

• Shot put — Washington’s Austin Subke won at 41-7. Washington’s Alex Templeton was second at 38-7.

• Discus — Borgia’s Casey Kuchem placed first at 126-7. Union’s Joe Lasky was second at 120-1.

• High jump — Pacific’s Ryan Lause took first at 5-10. Washington’s Leslie was second at 5-8.

• Pole vault — Pacific’s Ryan Dorenkamp won at 11-0. Union’s Jake Siddens placed second at 10-0.

• Long Jump — Union’s Schumaker won at 18-2. Union’s Bellamy ended second at 17-5.

• Triple jump — Pacific’s Kelvin Klenke won at 34-8. Pacific’s Andrew Cooper was second at 33-5.

Girls Results

• 100-meter dash — Pacific’s Kashmir Curtner won in 13.8. Union’s Amber Tharp finished second in 13.9.

• 200-meter dash — Washington’s MC Landolt won in 26.5. Union’s Anna Houston placed second in 27.1.

• 400-meter dash — Washington’s Landolt finished first in 1:03. Union’s Janna Ruether was second in 1:04.

• 800-meter dash — Washington’s Hannah Leslie won the 800-meter run in 2:36. Pacific’s Ashley Brinker ended second in 2:42.

• 1,600-meter run — Pacific’s Hannah Graf won in 6:00. Washington’s Josie Plowman was second in 6:03.

• 3,200-meter run — Pacific’s Graf placed first in 13:16. Washington’s Ashley Garrard was second in 13:24.

• 100-meter high hurdles — Union’s Houston won in 15.72. Washington’s Megan Bauche finished second in 17.2.

• 300-meter intermediate hurdles — Borgia’s Baylee Godat won in 53.0. Union’s KateLyn Riechers was second in 53.6.

• 400-meter relay — Washington’s Lauren Brinkmann, Sarah Brock, Emily Stricker and Landolt won in 52.9. Washington also placed second.

• 800-meter relay — Washington’s Karlee Toraason, Makenzie Straatmann, Katie Trigg and Brock placed first in 1:56. Borgia finished second.

• 1,600-meter relay — Union’s Lyndsy Siedhoff, Kayla Kelly, Ali Overstreet and Riechers won in 4:28. Washington was second.

• 3,200-meter relay — Union’s Taylor Lavalle, Ruether, Siedhoff and Kelly won in 10:33. Washington was second.

• Shot put — Union’s Hannah Mayfield won at 40-3. Borgia’s Katie Lindemann was second at 31-8 1/2.

• Discus — Union’s Mayfield won at 106-9 1/2. Borgia’s Lindemann placed second at 93-10 1/2.

• High jump — Union’s Jillian Johnston won at 4-10. Washington’s Abby Stricker finished second at 4-10.

• Pole vault — Washington’s Kirstie Leslie placed first at 10-0. Union’s Houston was second at 8-6.

• Long Jump —  Washington’s Kirstie Leslie won at 16-1. Union’s Houston finished second at 14-11.

• Triple jump — Washington’s Kirstie Leslie won at 34-2. Washington’s Abby Stricker was second at 29-11.