Members of the Washington High School football team were selected to the 2010 GAC North All-Conference football squad.

The league’s head coaches selected first, second and honorable mention teams.

Representing the Blue Jays on the first-team defense were senior defensive lineman Joe Hughes and junior defensive back Clayton Hamai.

Hughes finished the season with 55 total tackles, two sacks and one fumble recovery. Hamai recorded 71 total tackles and two interceptions.

Washington players named to the second-team offense were sophomore quarterback Luke Hasenjaeger, senior running back Kyle Phipps, junior wide receiver Mike McGilvray, junior lineman Trevor Shockley and senior kicker Sam Kosark.

Hasenjaeger threw for 2,258 yards with 19 touchdowns and 17 interceptions. Phipps rushed for 715 yards and six touchdowns. McGilvray had 33 catches for 473 yards and two touchdowns.

Blue Jays selected to the second-team defense were senior lineman Joe Collins and senior punter Kosark. Collins had 39 total tackles and one fumble recovery.

Washington’s honorable mention selections were senior wide receiver Marc Goebel, senior offensive lineman Travis Gardner and senior defensive back Robert Luck.

Goebel registered 27 receptions for 389 yards and three touchdowns. Luck had 45 total tackles and three interceptions.

First-Team Offense

• Quarterback — Ft. Zumwalt East senior Marvin Byrd III and Warrenton senior Scott Lathrop;

• Running back — Ft. Zumwalt East junior Christian Brooks and Warrenton junior Austin Black;

• Wide receiver — Ft. Zumwalt East junior Mike Mahoney, Warrenton junior Nick Todd and St. Charles West senior Shane Huddleston;

• Linemen — Ft. Zumwalt East senior J.T. Young, Ft. Zumwalt East junior Nick Weisenborn, Ft. Zumwalt North senior Chris Lampe, Warrenton senior John Jeskey and Warrenton senior Justin Fowler; and

• Kicker — St. Charles West senior Mike Gesell.

First-Team Defense

• Linemen — Washington senior Joe Hughes, Ft. Zumwalt East senior J.T. Young, Ft. Zumwalt East senior Conor Vortherms and Warrenton senior Justin Greene;

• Linebacker  — Warrenton junior Austin Black, Ft. Zumwalt East senior Alex Nischbach, Duchesne senior Chad Webber and Ft. Zumwalt North senior Ben Davidson;

• Defensive back — Washington junior Clayton Hamai, Warrenton sophomore Devin Roberts, Ft. Zumwalt East senior Khalan King and Ft. Zumwalt East junior Brandon Barrett; and

• Punter — Duchesne senior T.J. Merriott.

Second-Team Offense

• Quarterback — Washington sophomore Luke Hasenjaeger;

• Running back — Washington senior Kyle Phipps and Ft. Zumwalt North senior Mike Iannicola;

• Athlete — Ft. Zumwalt North junior A.J. Fitzpatrick;

• Wide receiver — Washington junior Mike McGilvray, Warrenton junior Jason Bunge and St. Charles senior Matt Glanzer;

• Linemen — Washington junior Trevor Shockley, Warrenton senior Reese Berry, Duchesne senior Kenny Schroeder, Ft. Zumwalt North senior Ricky Cheers and Ft. Zumwalt South sophomore Dustin Wood; and

• Kicker — Washington senior Sam Kosark

Second-Team Defense

• Linemen — Washington senior Joe Collins, Warrenton senior John Jeskey, Warrenton senior Will Filipek and Ft. Zumwalt North senior Chris Lampe;

• Linebacker — Warrenton senior Nick Reese, Ft. Zumwalt South senior John Allquist, Ft. Zumwalt South senior Ryan Haskell and St. Charles West junior Austin Rugraff;

• Defensive back — Warrenton junior Nick Todd, St. Charles West senior Shane Huddleston, Duchesne senior Jake Tweet and Ft. Zumwalt North senior Matt Edler; and

• Punter — Washington senior Sam Kosark.

Honorable Mention Offense

• Quarterback — St. Charles West senior Anthony Richardson;

• Running back — St. Charles senior Ed Barrett and St. Charles West senior Tony Treadway;

• Athlete — Duchesne senior Jake Tweet;

• Wide receiver — Washington senior Marc Goebel, Ft. Zumwalt South senior J.R. Alexander and Duchesne sophomore Joe Lloyd;

• Linemen — Washington senior Travis Gardner, Warrenton junior Alex Tims, Duchesne junior Alex Ritter, Ft. Zumwalt East senior Reed Booth and Ft. Zumwalt South senior Ron Leach; and

• Kicker — Ft. Zumwalt East senior Tanner Trokey.

Honorable Mention Defense

• Linemen — Duchesne senior T.J. Merriott, Ft. Zumwalt South sophomore Michael Deeds, St. Charles West senior Tobias Lee and St. Charles West junior Tyler Hanneke;

• Linebacker — Warrenton senior Derrik Chapman, Duchesne senior Jeff Swann, St. Charles junior Luke Bornhop and St. Charles West sophomore Casey Bartee;

• Defensive back — Washington senior Robert Luck, Warrenton sophomore T.J. Lafaver, Ft. Zumwalt South senior Shawn Welsch and St. Charles senior T.J. Short; and

• Punter — Ft. Zumwalt East senior Marvin Byrd III and St. Charles West senior Colby Vogt.