Over the years, there have been some unusual finishes to swim meets between Pacific and Whispering Hills.

Storms have brought some of those meets to early ends, but last Monday’s scheduled meet in Pacific never had a chance to proceed to that point.

Pacific received a forfeit win Monday when Whispering Hills didn’t come.

“The official word was that they did not have enough swimmers and could not fill their relays, so they did not feel they could be competitive,” stated Pacific Representative Angela Virtudazo.

Virtudazo believes it was the first forfeit victory for Pacific in team history.

Instead of swimming against an opponent, the Pacific Swim Team took the time delegated for the meet to hold time trials for all of the assembled fans.

Results from one of the previous meets were delivered though. Pacific’s meet June 18 at Woodsmill ended in a 319-177 win for the host team.

However, due to technical difficulties, the results were not immediately obtained. Those results can be reported now.

In the individual medley races, Pacific’s winners were McKinley Munk and Nick Wamsley.

Taking second for Pacific were Elizabeth Wamsley, Lexi Delmain and Ricky Meyers.

Finishing third for Pacific were Matthew Wamsley, Livi Lindemann, Ryan Sauvage, Lizi Delmain, Ashton Moore, Leslie Nichol and Joel Virtudazo.

In the freestyle races, Pacific’s winners in scoring heats were Ki Alexander, McKinley Munk and Ryan Sauvage.

In the breaststroke races, Pacific’s winner was Gabrielle Mattli.

In the freestyle relay races, Pacific won the girls 7-8, boys 7-8, girls 9-10 and boys 15-18 races.

In the backstroke, Pacific’s winner in scoring heats was Elizabeth Wamsley.

In the butterfly, Pacific’s winners were Elizabeth Wamsley, Nick Wamsley and Ricky Meyers.

In the medley relay races, Pacific won the girls 8-Under, girls 9-10 and boys 15-18 races.