The season of firsts continued Monday for the fledgling Borgia swim program.

Two days after Michael Matthews earned the school’s first-ever state swimming medal for placing eighth in the MSHSAA boys 100-yard butterfly, Borgia’s first-ever girls swimming team held its first practice.

And Coach Jennifer Alferman-Molitor reported a massive turnout of prospects for Borgia’s first-ever girls swimming team with 16 students reporting at the Four Rivers Area Family YMCA facility. By Tuesday, the team was up to 19 interested swimmers.

“Overall the girls look great,” Alferman-Molitor said. “They are all really strong swimmers and the new girls are picking up the strokes very fast. I am very excited to see how they do this year.”

The Washington Swim Team veterans are Alyssa Bloomberg, Sarah Eckelkamp, Olivia Haddox, Abigail Holdmeier, Jordan Kriete, Madison Nelson, Branna Stephens, Ellie Unerstall and Allison Unnerstall.

Two competed last season for the Union Swim Team while one swam for Pacific, another swam for Lake Chesterfield and one more swam for Eureka.

Union veterans on the team are Morgan Livesay and Laura Schroeder. Maggie Donnelly swam at Pacific while Kaia Everett is the Lake Chesterfield veteran and Kaytee Schnakenberg swam at Eureka.

Five swimmers are new to the sport with one being an exchange student.

New swimmers are Lydia Alferman, Grace Fletcher, Raechell Futhey and Sarah Holtmeyer.

Inga Pfenning is the exchange student.