It took two tries, but the Washington Swim Team finally got to compete in their Gateway Swimming and Diving Conference meet Tuesday at Chadwick.

While the Stingrays were competitive, they fell in a close contest to the host squad, 279-250.

“Overall we did pretty good,” said Washington Head Coach Jennifer Alferman. “We had a few mistakes that caused us to get disqualified in a few races and since the score was so close that really hurt us. But majority of the swimmers dropped time in their races and have improved on their dives and strokes which I am very excited about.”

Washington (0-2) hosts Chesterfield Farms Monday. The meet starts with warmups at 5 p.m. and competitive events at 5:30 p.m.

The teams met again Tuesday after storms washed out Monday’s meet. And, as scheduled, the event opened with individual medley races.

“We have not canceled a meet in over 10 years so it was a little crazy but we wanted everyone to be safe,” Alferman said about Monday’s decision. “So we rescheduled it for the next day. It ended up being a beautiful day and we had a great time.”

Washington’s individual medley winner was Ryan Hoerstkamp.

Finishing second in the individual medley races were Robert Halsted, Sarah Eckelkamp, Robert Weirich and Cassandra Halsted.

Taking third in individual medley races for Washington were Avery Lackey, Claire Ayers, Bonnie Eckelkamp, Connor Kriete and Michael Matthews.

In the freestyle event, Washington’s point-scoring winners were Maddy Henderson, Zachary Posinski, Ryan Hoerstkamp, Claire Van Biljon, Robert Halsted, Emily Reuwer, Robert Weirich and Michael Matthews.

In the breaststroke races, Washington’s winners were Zachary Posinski, Madeline Dowil, Mason Kimminau and Bonnie Eckelkamp.

Up next was the freestyle relay event and Washington’s winners were:

• Girls 13-14 team of Sarah Eckelkamp, Bonnie Eckelkamp, Hannah Whitacre and Emily Reuwer; and

• Boys 13-14 team of Connor Kriete, Trevor Brauer, Nick Sikes and Robert Weirich.

In the backstroke, Washington’s winners were Maddy Henderson, Alicia Baylard, Lily Harrell, Caleb Haas, Sarah Eckelkamp and Nick Sikes.

In the butterfly races, Washington’s winners were Zachary Posinski, Avery Lackey, Ryan Hoerstkamp, Lily Harrell, Robert Halsted, Emily Reuwer and Nick Sikes.

Medley relay races closed out the meet. Washington’s winning teams were:

• Girls 9-10 team of Alicia Baylard, Madeline Dowil, Gabrielle Mattli and Avery Lackey;

• Boys 9-10 team of Miles Hellebusch, Mason Kauffeld, Ryan Hoerstkamp and Max Grimes;

• Girls 11-12 team of Lily Harrell, Abby Lynn, Claire Ayers and Claire Van Biljon;

• Boys 11-12 team of Caleb Haas, Louie Eckelkamp, Robert Halsted and Derek Van Booven;

• Girls 13-14 team of Kacie Huxol, Bonnie Eckelkamp, Sarah Eckelkamp and Emily Reuwer; and

• Boys 13-14 team of Nick Sikes, Trevor Brauer, Robert Weirich and Connor Kriete.