Things change quickly in the sports world.

Take the Class 2 District 9 girls soccer tournament for example.

A few columns ago, things seemed pretty set for the seeding. Now, that’s not the case.

Union still would appear to be the top team with Sullivan holding an edge for second, but things start to get really cloudy after that.

The last time I addressed the issue, it was Pacific, St. Clair and Borgia, in that order. I don’t know if that will be the case when the coaches meet to seed the event.

Borgia, which lost early games to Union and St. Clair, has been on fire lately with wins over Rosati-Kain and Bishop DuBourg in the last few days.

The win over Rosati-Kain confuses the whole district seeding. Borgia beat the Kougars Saturday in St. Louis, 3-0. Rosati-Kain beat Union last week in Fenton, 3-1.

Borgia definitely is a different team now that Emily Grahl is back and fully healthy. She’s probably the fastest player in the area and good with the ball.

But how much of a bounce will Borgia get? The record still isn’t excellent, due to playing the Archdiocesan Athletic Association Large Division, one of the toughest leagues in the state.

St. Clair has cooled off somewhat after a strong start and Pacific has some good wins lately, including a 6-2 victory over Hillsboro. Pacific and St. Clair play Tuesday evening and if Pacific can sweep the season series over the Lady Bulldogs, that should give it the higher seed.

That brings us to Sullivan. I like what Bill Kackley has done with the team this year. He’s taught it to play the offsides trap, which isn’t seen much in high school girls soccer. The Lady Eagles play an aggressive, high back line and frustrate opposing teams. And, Sullivan has the offensive firepower to punch in a goal or two to make things even more frustrating for opposing teams.

The fact that the soccer offsides rule is one of the most misunderstood in sports doesn’t help matters and escalates the frustration factor. Soccer offsides is much, much different than hockey offsides and is gauged from where the players are when the ball is played forward.

Sullivan has played a tougher schedule and has some nice wins this year, although we’ll have to see if it prepares them for a postseason run.

Union has to be the team to beat. The defending district champs are solid offensively, and good defensively. Union has dominated the Four Rivers Conference, but that schedule hasn’t been as tough as some of the other teams.

With Bethany Coons and Karlie Peth up front, Union can keep up the scoring pace with any team. The defense just has to make sure it doesn’t come down to that.

You shouldn’t be too shocked when the seeding order comes out. Given the right circumstances, any team could win the district title, which should make things very interesting.