Replacing the POWRi Micro Sprints in the Motorsports Arena lineup this year, UTV racing made its debut at this year’s Washington Town and Country Fair Saturday, Aug. 10.

The UTVs are modified ATVs racing over hills and turns, similar to a motocross track.

The event drew a large crowd at the RA-Comm Security Motor Sports Arena.

Results were received for two classes.

Steven Gifford of Indianola, Iowa, won the 850cc unlimited race.

Frank Tidd of Festus came in second place and Chris Harrawood of Leslie finished third.

Bruce Chandler of Monett was fourth, Cliff Comia of St. Clair came in fifth place and Scott Diebold of Eldon finished sixth. Matt Corder of Olathe, Kan., and Lonnie Eubanks of Tulsa, Okla., came in seventh and eighth place, respectively.

John Pitts of Eureka was the winner of the 1000cc unlimited race followed by Eric Alfaro of Madison, Ill., in second and Raymond Pikul of Wright City in third.

Mike Garrison of Pleasant Hill came in fourth place and Bryan Hulsey of Washington finished fifth.

Joe Hamm of Madison, Ill. was sixth. Jeremy Lorvar of St. Charles and Glen Powell of Nixa crossed the finish line in seventh and eighth place, respectively.