A number of area baseball players have been selected to play in the Ninth District Junior American Legion All-Star Game.

The contest between the South and North divisions is scheduled to be played Saturday, July 31, at T.R. Hughes Ballpark in O’Fallon.

The all-star schedule for Saturday is the Freshman game at 11 a.m. followed by the Juniors at 2:30 p.m. and the Seniors at 6 p.m.

Teams in the South Division are Washington, Union, Pacific, Sullivan, Warrenton, Central and Daniel Boone.

Ninth District South Division managers selected 10 pitchers along with nine first-team selections who will start the game, nine second-team picks who will start the game on the bench, but see action later in the contest as substitutes, and 10 alternate selections. Alternate picks dress out for the game and oftentimes see playing time, although it is not guaranteed.

Leading the South Division with 10 total all-star selections is Washington Post 218.

Pitchers from Post 218 named to the all-star team were Austin Rettke and Brendan Kleekamp.

According to Washington’s statistics, Rettke had a 5-0 record with a 1.17 earned-run average.

Kleekamp was 4-3 with a 3.00 ERA.

Post 218 had three players named to the South’s starting lineup.

First-team selections for Washington were third baseman Jack Kopmann and outfielders Trent Leimkuehler and Sam Deschenes.

Leimkuehler had a batting average of .404 (44-109) with one home run, 35 RBIs, six walks, 20 stolen bases and 34 runs scored.

Deschenes batted .326 (30-92) with 15 RBIs, six walks, four stolen bases and 20 runs.

Kopmann hit .318 (34-107) with 29 RBIs, 21 walks, 10 stolen bases and 19 runs.

Washington’s two second-team picks were first baseman Jared Mohesky and designated hitter Jack Haddox.

Haddox hit .368 (28-76) with 15 RBIs, 10 walks and 15 runs.

Mohesky batted .310 (22-71) with eight RBIs, nine walks, seven stolen bases and 15 runs.

Post 218’s three alternate selections were second baseman Alex Jasper, shortstop Alex Baylard and outfielder Dustin Howard.

Howard had a batting mark of .330 (31-94) with 12 RBIs, 18 walks, eight stolen bases and 33 runs.

Jasper hit .324 (22-68) with 10 RBIs, 14 walks, seven stolen bases and 18 runs.

Baylard batted .321 (17-53) with 13 RBIs, 12 walks and 13 runs.

Union Post 297 had three players named to the all-star squad.

Logan Williams of Union was selected to the South’s pitching staff.

Williams owned a 2-4 record with a 1.80 ERA.

TJ Johnson was a first-team selection and will start at second base for the South Division.

Johnson had a batting average of .400 (30-75) with 14 RBIs, 10 walks, 12 stolen bases and 21 runs.

Steven Jones was named an alternate outfielder.

Jones hit .360 (18-50) with three RBIs, five walks, four stolen bases and eight runs.

Also representing Union will be Nick Wachter, who will be the bullpen catcher for the South Division. The bullpen catcher has seen playing time in some past all-star games.

Pacific Post 320 had four all-star selections.

Pitchers from Post 320 named to the all-star team were Nathan Bruns and Josh Conley.

Conley had a record of 5-0 with a 2.50 ERA.

Bruns was 4-0 with a 2.87 ERA.

Named to the starting lineup as a first-team selection was first baseman Andrew David.

David had a batting average of .398 (33-83) with 15 RBIs, 19 walks and 17 runs.

Tanner Brown was named a second-team catcher.

Brown hit .433 (13-30) with nine RBIs, six walks and five runs.

Sullivan had four all-star selections.

Seth Mesey was named to the South’s pitching staff.

Mesey had a record of 5-2 with a 4.17 ERA.

Named to the starting lineup as a first-team selection was catcher Matt Jones.

Jones hit .473 (35-74) with 24 RBIs, four walks and 15 runs.

Second-team selections were shortstop Austin Coleman and outfielder JT Waller.

Waller batted .340 (17-50) with 11 RBIs, eight walks and 14 runs.

Coleman hit .321 (27-84) with 15 RBIs, nine walks and 22 runs.

Warrenton Post 122 had six all-star selections.

Chad Berrey was named to the South’s pitching staff.

Warrenton’s stats have Berrey with a 2-2 record with a 2.33 ERA.

Named to the starting lineup as a first-team selections were outfielder Chris Hertel and designated hitter Greg Hobusch.

Hertel batted .418 (28-67) with seven RBIs, six walks and 18 runs.

Hobusch also hit .418 (23-55) with 17 RBIs, one walk and eight runs.

Alternate selections were pitcher Jake Shough, first baseman Eric Smurl and outfielder Jason Bunge.

Shough was 2-1 with a 2.50 ERA.

Bunge hit .462 (12-26) with six RBIs, four walks and eight runs.

Smurl batted .302 (19-63) with four RBIs, seven walks and 13 runs.

Other pitchers named to the South Division team were Daniel Boone’s Garrett Hedges and Central’s Cody Craven.

Daniel Boone’s Kyle Nelson will be the starting shortstop.

Other second-team picks were Daniel Boone second baseman Blake Foster, Daniel Boone outfielder Glenn Konnersmann and Central outfielder Jayden Lumpa.

Other alternate selections were Central third baseman Travis Vaught, Central catcher Taevan Schad and Central designated hitter Alex Erb.