Gov. Eric Greitens admitted Wednesday night to having an extramarital affair and has been accused of blackmailing the woman involved. Does this change your perception of the governor? What do you think should happen to him? Do you think he should resign?

These questions were asked at the Phoenix and Washington Crossing shopping centers.

Anonymous — “I’m not surprised. He seemed like a shady guy to begin with, but I don’t think he should resign unless there’s more out there.”

Tyler J., 27, Pacific — “I don’t know enough about it to really say but it sounds like he’s apologized, and I don’t see why it’s anyone’s business.”

Anonymous — “He should resign. We’re better off without him because he’s been terrible for Missouri. I can’t stand him and he seems fake.”

Linda, 57, Washington — “I feel like what happens between husband and wife is between them. I don’t see why it’s our business or why people are making a big deal out of it.”

Anonymous — “This should be taken seriously. I’m glad to hear he’s being investigated. We’ve got politicians who aren’t being held accountable anymore and it’s good to see Missouri not be part of the status quo.”

Kyle, 32, Union — “The media is making it to be more than it is.”

Anonymous — “I think it’s between him and his wife, and she’s forgiven him. My view of him is the same. He’s getting things done.”