To The Editor:

Subject: Naming the New Bridge.

I suggest the new bridge between Warren and Franklin County be named The Rebecca Ann Boone Bridge.

To my knowledge there are no significant bridges in Missouri named for a woman. Rebecca Boone is a significant person in our local history. She lived the last years of her life in the area and died and was buried near the bridge. In 1845, her body was moved to Frankfort, Ky., but who is to say where her spirit resides.

The choice of Rebecca Ann Boone as a name for the bridge would be apolitical. There is a ship and an elementary school named for her and I believe an important bridge in the area named in her honor would be appropriate.

If there is concern it might be confused with the Boone bridge on Highway 64/40 it could be referred to as the Rebecca Bridge or the Becky Bridge. People will call it what they will just like every bridge.

Robert A. Azerolo