First Street Closure

First Street in closed at Watson Street due to a clogged storm drain. 

Saying it’s vital that everyone who has questions or concerns about the impending flood should have one person as a point of contact, aldermen called a special board meeting April 28 to appoint a go-to individual.

The board appointed Dan Rahn, Pacific flood manager, as the point person to provide information about the flood.

The National Weather Service predicted that Pacific would experience a major flood with the Meramec River cresting in the overnight hours Wednesday, May 3, at 32.7 feet.

The height of the flood varied from 28.5 feet to 32 feet as the NWS monitored the continuing rain and the moving river over the weekend.

Rahn’s contact number is 636-236-7187. If Rahn is unavailable, people should contact City Administrator Steve Roth at 636-271-0500, ext. 213.

Public Safety

Pacific Fire and Ambulance will focus on public safety and access to the flood area. Responders are working out of the Pacific Emergency Operations Center (EOC) located in the lower level of the Police Department and can be reached at 636-271-2424.


Residents and businesses have already been notified that they should be prepared to evacuate ahead of the rising water. Police contacted churches and service groups to ask for volunteers willing to assist handicapped or shut-in persons who are unable to handle basic evacuation when that occurs. Anyone wishing to help with this can contact Chief Matt Mansell at the EOC, 636-271-2424.

Shelter, Donations

The Tri-County Senior Center, 800 W. Union St., is the designated Red Cross disaster shelter. The center is providing overnight accommodations for flood victims and providing daily meals for them, first responders and volunteers.

The center also is accepting donations of food, cleaning supplies, moving supplies and clothing for flood victims and can be reached at 636-257-6264.

The senior center is the collection point for victims and is accepting donations of food, cleaning supplies, moving supplies and clothing for flood victims.

Volunteer Coordinator

Persons wanting to volunteer for any aspect of flood assistance can contact Alderman Carol Johnson, 314-221-5919. Volunteers have filled sandbags, cooked and served food at the Red Cross disaster center, run errands to deliver victim needs, helped citizens move furniture and fixtures, and found homes for displaced pets.

Evacuated Items

Property owner Fred Hoven announced that flood victims can store their moved goods in an unmanned private property on Highway OO, opposite the Resurrection Hill Cemetery. It will not be manned for protection but is dry.

Crest Information

Residents can follow the National Weather Center NWF crest predictions for the Meramec at Pacific on the NWS advanced hydrological prediction service page at