Missourians affected by flooding can now access a resource and information page on the website of U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill. The page provides Missourians with federal, state, and nonprofit resources to assist with shelter, travel, and emergency planning information.

For information on available resources, visit the McCaskill’s Flood Resources Page at mccaskill.senate.gov/flooding.

“With more rain on the horizon and flood levels not yet cresting, Missourians should keep close tabs on road and weather conditions and follow the lead of first responders and local leaders,” McCaskill said. “When disasters like these hit, it’s an all-hands-on-deck situation—and the incredible work by first responders and volunteers throughout our state has been heartening.”

McCaskill and her staff have kept in close communication with both federal and state emergency management officials to continually track the floods and support first responders on the ground. McCaskill has pledged to Governor Eric Greitens her full support and assistance to work with her colleagues to secure any needed federal resources as flood waters recede and communities begin to recover.

Visit mccaskill.senate.gov/flooding for information and resources to assist those affected by flooding in Missouri.