Sheriff's Vehicle

A 26-year-old county man is dead following a shooting at an apartment building off Highway A early Sunday.

According to Franklin County Sheriff Steve Pelton, the gunshot victim allegedly threatened four people who were at residence in the Sunrise Valley Apartments after 12:30 a.m.

Witnesses said the gunshot victim, who's last known address is in St. Clair, was unarmed when he charged up the stairs to an upstairs apartment accusing people of calling him a name. 

The man allegedly pushed a person from the doorway and entered the residence, and then continued to threaten those inside the apartment.

The 20-year-old man who resides at the apartment warned the man that he would shoot him if he did not leave. That's when the gunshot victim attempted to assault the resident, authorities allege.

The 20-year-old resident shot the man three to four times with a small-caliber handgun, authorities said. 

When deputies arrived at the scene they issued a search warrant to enter the apartment, Pelton said.

The names of the gunshot victim and the shooter have not been released. The investigation still is under way, Pelton said.

The man who was killed was visiting residents of a different apartment at the complex. The shooter was questioned but was released. He has not been charged, authorities said. 

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