The New Year brings new opportunity to Progressive Medical Inc., according to President and CEO, Mark Martin, Washington native and St. Francis Borgia Regional High School alumnus.

“I am very pleased to announce we have appointed John Gomes as our Chief Commercial Officer, International, to head our new global initiative,” he said. “With his experience and the help of our PMI support team, I’m confident this will be a great success! The market has evolved, and we have evolved with it.”

“As we head into the future, PMI continues to adapt to the ever-changing medical market by acquiring exclusive distributorship of innovative products, as well as quality everyday products that uphold our mission to provide cost savings without clinical compromise,” Martin said.

“It is our plan to now expand into the global market with our exclusive and private-labeled products.”

“I am pleased and excited to join the Progressive Medical, Inc. team to expand our market beyond the United States,” he said, “Our plan is to build a global brand by commercializing both Progressive Medical, Inc. and our portfolio of products worldwide.

“Our market expansion will allow for further growth of our proprietary products and those of our current and future suppliers. In addition, we will focus on the expanded access to future new and novel technologies.”

“I look forward to working with the entire PMI team and our partners worldwide to build a global brand and strengthen our foundation of success.”

PMI was founded in 1986 and represents products that reduce healthcare cost by maximizing clinical efficiency and improving safety for patients, employees and providers.

The company serves more than 6,000 customers nationwide and focuses on maintaining long term relationships with customers and manufacturing partners by providing customer service, sales and clinical services team, managed logistics and an experienced leadership team.