Two conditional use permit requests and a rezoning request are on the agenda for the Sept. 19 Franklin County Planning and Zoning Commission meeting.

The meeting will be at 7 p.m. at the county government center in Union.

For the rezoning request, Sam Salamah is requesting a rezoning of 3.6 acres from suburban development to community development. The property is located at 1300 Highway 100 at the intersection of Highway OO and 100.

Kuenzel Construction Inc. is requesting a CUP for storage and office located on Highway V. The application states the site will be used for an office for the company.

The other CUP request is for Jacqueline and Nathaniel Phillips. The application is requesting a CUP to host a special event at their property on Wild Plum Valley and Highway N.

The application states the permit is for an annual “haunted hayride.”

The board also is scheduled to review a preliminary plat for Carla Theissen. The plat has been on the board’s agenda since May, but has been tabled at each meeting.

In August, the board said it would give the applicant one more month before she would have to reapply to be on the meeting agenda.