There are three city-owned parks without signage in the city of Union, which is something Parks Director Angela Sullivan hopes to see change soon.

Sullivan told the park board at its September meeting that the upper Clark-Vitt Park, College Hill Park and Hoffert Park don’t have signs. The remaining parks have signs, but they don’t include addresses, which can be confusing for guests, she said.

Sullivan presented renderings for new signage for each of the parks in the parks system, all of which have the park name and address.

The signs also will let residents and guests know the parks are for public use.

Sullivan also started a discussion on signage for the city’s new splash pad. She presented a packet with examples from splash parks in the bi-state area.

The board discussed ideas on specific rules to be included on the new sign, with most of the discussion centering around the age of children that require adult supervision at the park.

Mayor Mike Livengood suggested that Sullivan contact the insurance company, as they might have their own requirements for the language on the signage.

The splash park signage will be discussed at a future meeting.