To The Editor:

It is indeed regrettable that Mayor Ron Blum perceives that he personally and the city have been attacked by the St. Clair Historical Museum.

Members of the museum were in agreement with the points made by Mayor Blum at both meetings. It was a matter of public safety that the building be leveled immediately and debris be treated and removed.

There is also no argument about the museum’s responsibility to pay for the services rendered. This is not the taxpayers’ burden. The true point of contention was, and apparently continues to be, the miscommunication between the city and the history museum.

Officers and members of the history museum are grateful to the individuals, families, and St. Clair businesses that support the museum. We are also fiscally responsible to our supporters.

I feel that instead of placing a lien on the museum property “to protect the taxpayers,” a written billing statement should have been sent in a timely manner to be addressed and attended to at a monthly meeting. It is my hope, at this point, that all of us can work together to accomplish our mutual goal — the restoration of the St. Clair Historical Museum.