The reports keep coming in about that oddball, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the deserter turned hero by the Obama administration, and if he ever is tried in an Army court, he probably won’t have much trouble proving he was mentally troubled. 

The administration is busy explaining why the release was kept secret from Congress, but criticism keeps flowing, even from some Democrats.

The whole episode reeks of amateurish decisions and actions, which is a hallmark of the Obama administration.

To veterans, the reaction about the exchange of five hard-core terrorists for Bergdahl, his promotions while living with an Afghanistan tribe, or the Taliban, which is our enemy, and all of the circumstances surrounding his release, is one of disgust, disbelief and comments of, “What has this country become?”

Administration officials keep mouthing that action had to be taken to save the sergeant’s life. We don’t believe that any more than we believe Obama attended a Republican fund-raiser.

America came out the loser again!

The Associated Press talked to some of Bergdahl’s former fellow soldiers. They paint a picture of a strange-acting, mixed-up individual — an oddball. A medic in Bergdahl’s platoon said it was apparent the man wanted to “disappear.” He added that Bergdahl should be held accountable for all of his actions since he “willfully deserted his post.”

A sergeant in the platoon said he feels strongly that Berghahl should face trial for desertion, “but he said it is less clear that he should be blamed for the deaths of all soldiers killed during months of trying to find him.” But he added, he knows of at least one death on an intelligence-directed infantry patrol to a village in search of Bergdahl.

Another member of the platoon said soldiers from his unit and other units were wounded or killed on missions to chase down leads related to Bergdahl. This soldier also said that National Security Adviser Susan Rice’s statement that Bergdahl served “with honor and distinction” couldn’t be further from the truth.

The Army should have known that Bergdahl was an oddball and it should be held accountable for twice promoting him while he was AWOL. A sergeant is supposed to be a leader of troops. But promoting this oddball to that rank, it is insulting to those who have served with honor and distinction for years to become a sergeant.

It keeps coming back to this mind. President Bill Clinton called Obama an amateur. What’s even worse, he has surrounded himself with amateurs, such as Susan Rice.

The problem with Obama is that he has a highlands ego and it blocks learning from experiences.