To The Editor:

Education is the foundation upon which we build our future. – Christine Gregoire

* * *

Between the unusable gymnasium, the failing boiler, and the lack of a central HVAC system, the teachers, staff and students of South Point Elementary certainly are making the best of things. They’re doing an amazing job to ensure that learning continues despite classes being displaced and circumstances being less than desirable.

A community that values education is a community that builds a foundation for its own future. Good schools lead to increased property value, population growth, and economic growth. Well-educated students become well-educated adults who, in turn, invest back into our community as business people, health care providers and entrepreneurs.

We have the opportunity to invest in the future of our community with a no-tax levy increase by voting “yes” on Prop S. Prop S aims to improve the education our children receive by providing safer, more functional facilities and maintaining smaller class sizes across the district, all with no tax levy increase.

If Prop S doesn’t pass, South Point’s building will eventually fail. South Point students will likely be bused to other district elementary schools, increasing transportation costs and class sizes. Classes would be displaced throughout the district, and education would suffer for students across the district, not just within South Point’s boundaries.

When education suffers, the community as a whole suffers. Please vote “yes” on Prop S for our children, our community, our future.