To The Editor:

I read with interest on the subject of annexation that the hate mongers of the plan distorted the facts and told outright lies. Well, maybe the proponents did the same.

For instance, I read a couple of times that if the people feel so negatively about Washington, why do they continue to live here? The truth of the matter is, no one ever said anything bad about the “Washington area,” they were just opposed to living in the corporate city limits. So to me, that is kind of distorting facts.

Another point of contention, a representative of the city making a statement that the people outside the city limits who come to Washington to work and socialize are just a bunch of freeloaders. I don’t have any numbers on this, but I personally know quite a few Washington volunteer firemen who live outside corporate city limits. And what about all the service organizations, the Elks, Knights of Columbus, American Legion, VFW and all their auxiliaries. There is without a doubt, a lot of these people who come to Washington and donate their time and talent to various causes. So doesn’t that seem like an outright lie to call them freeloaders?

Another thing I had to laugh about was some people not liking the term “No Forced Annexation.” They said it is not forced if it is voted on. I’ll give you half a point for that. That is true if it is supported by the residents of the proposed annexation area and the city residents. However, if it is turned down in the proposed annexation area and supported by city residents, then there is another election and it is a combination of the two. Just do the math. By sheer numbers alone it passes, thus forced annexation.

I personally feel that most people who built or bought outside of the city limits did so for a reason. They didn’t want to be city residents, for whatever reason. Those reasons may be as varied as the people themselves. I believe that is one of our rights under the Constitution, although that is being trampled on pretty good these days, to live where we please.

So my suggestion is: city fathers, wait until people approach you about annexation and welcome them with open arms.