To The Editor:

In his most recent letter to the editor on the subject of President Trump (his fourth or fifth diatribe), our prominent writer/critic opens that “this man is destroying our country, piece by piece, and he must be stopped.”

What sheer delusional paranoid nonsense is this? President Trump is not doing anything of the sort. He is merely (a) carrying out his campaign promises which constitute his agenda, the basis on which he was elected and (b) in the process is also dismantling the many-would-say dangerous drift to the socialistic abyss toward which the previous administration had been steadily moving, Trump effectively shifting our country away from its deliberate leftist skew back toward the center.

Trump is a firm believer in smaller, more limited, more efficient government and unshackling our economy from excessive, burdensome government overregulation — in short, getting the government “the hell out of our lives” in as many ways as possible so as to help individuals reach their full, government-unhampered potential.

Of the last six GDP quarters of the previous administration, two were in negative territory, an alarming trend that the country was told was the “new normal.”

As numerous analysts have pointed out, before he ever became president, Trump had the left totally discombobulated, unglued, and unhinged. The leftists seemingly simply did not understand him or even try to, had absolutely no sense of humor, took everything he said literally, and did not have a clue as to how to deal or cope with him rationally. All they could come up with to this day is to demonize him in any way they could by hurling at him whatever unflattering and/or vile epithets they could muster and predicting that he would absolutely trigger the most awesome, incredible doomsday scenario imaginable.

If Ronald Reagan were still alive, he would probably say, “I wonder what they’ve been smoking!”

When confronted by some critics at a public meeting some years back, one well-known public official admonished them in return: “Elections have consequences. We won. You lost. Live with it!” Do you remember who that was? It was none other than Barack Obama.

That’s good advice to all the still disgruntled Hillary diehards over the last presidential election from one of their own.