To The Editor:

The outsourcing of jobs to foreign countries has led to the decline of the middle class here at home.

American families going outside of our country to adopt orphan children, is that considered outsourcing as well? Recent news that Russia has banned and/or made it illegal for Americans to adopt Russian orphans, Russia does not really put much value on human lives anyway! Adopting children from Russia is by no means an easy task, it’s reported to be very expensive!

Not meant to sound cold, but could American orphans benefit from the Russian ban? We see all the time celebrities going to China and all four corners of the globe to adopt a child. The humanitarian effort is to be commended, but how about our orphans in America who get passed over, or fall through the cracks of some system? I don’t even have a ballpark figure as to how many orphans our country has, but it’s a safe bet we have plenty who would love a family and a home!

How about a compromise? For every one foreign child adopted, Americans adopt 10 of our own orphans? We keep trying to save the rest of the world, but in a sense we fall short of saving our own here at home. If Russia is a no-go now, I guess China and every other country may benefit. It’s just sad when American orphans get snubbed, or put on a back burner.

I have no ill feelings toward foreign children, I’m just pro-Amnerican, so please excuse me!