To The Editor:

Lies, unfulfilled promises, threats, an inability to work with anyone whom he feels is trying to “control” him, described as one who can’t take the time to read important documents. He is impulsive and values “his gut” over advice from his (frequently changing) chiefs of staff, whom he berates after they wisely leave. Example: Rex Tillerson is “as dumb as a rock.” He is currently searching for a new chief of staff, which would be his third, a new record, and multiple possible candidates are running the other way. I have wondered even before he took office: Why would anyone agree to work with this man?

I’m talking, of course, about our “leader,” Donald Trump. It is more and more difficult for me to understand anyone maintaining any trust that he is taking our country in a healthy direction. An example of this is spending $5 billion on his “Wall,” saying, “If we don’t get what we want (translate as what I want) I will shut down the government.”

He is ignoring the financial hardship of thousands of people put out of work because of his whims, at the holidays, no less. Is Trump bright enough to look at the comparative costs between his multibillion-dollar tribute to himself, and spending a fraction of that amount to study and develop alternative approaches to the problem? He worries about “very bad people” coming into the country, but does not provide any documentation for this claim.

A look at 16 of the people he has worked closely with since taking office demonstrates that a lot of “very bad people” who are or have been in his circle of advisers have had some sort of relationship with Russia, several ending up in jail. “Very bad people” are already here.

It seems to me that Trump sees himself as above the law and the Constitution. We’re all at risk from his behavior. His attacks on the press demonstrate an absolute lack of awareness of the First Amendment — but what else can we expect from a man like this?

One final mind-boggling observation: with Nikki Haley’s exit from her position as our UN representative, Trump is said to be considering replacing her with a young woman who has no diplomatic experience, and even less understanding of history. Her view of the relationship between the U.S. and Germany in World War II is, “It was very interesting.”

She is in desperate need of a history book, a visit to the Normandy beaches, and perhaps watching the film “Saving Private Ryan.” I know from my own experience: If you don’t come away from those beaches and cemeteries, you have no heart.

God help us.