To The Editor:

In an earlier letter (1/23/19), I criticized Kathleen Parker and the media echo chamber for indulging in pseudo-psychological analysis, while distorting or ignoring Trump’s policies. In the Wednesday edition (Jan. 30), Dr. Crane recycles some of Kathleen Parker’s “analysis”; but while she was content with name-calling (Trump’s a “narcissist”) our local letter writer calls for action. He recommends a virtual coup d’état, via the 25th Amendment.

For all of our faults, one of our legitimate boasts is that we honor the will of the electorate. Overturn that hallowed tradition and welcome to the happy land of the Banana Republic. Even afflicted as he is with “severe personality disorders” — including, but not limited to, “psychosis” — has Trump ever uttered anything that destructive of our social contract?

There is another way to shake sense into our unfeeling billionaire president, according to Crane: withhold his salary. Perhaps he doesn’t know that Trump serves gratis, donating his salary to Veterans Affairs and other agencies. But no doubt an ulterior motive can be found for this apparent charity.

Aside from the implication that Trump has totalitarian tendencies, I’m trying — and failing — to decipher the meaning of the East German wall reference. Unlike Trump’s proposed barrier, the Berlin Wall was designed to keep its citizens from escaping a communist dystopia; bad things happened when you tried to flee the workers’ paradise. The Trump Wall, immoral or not, is intended to prevent people from entering a relative utopia.

The president, however, “wouldn’t know about this himself because he doesn’t read anything, which would include history.”

Crane hopes no one tells the illiterate Trump about “the East German solution to the problem,” which included shooting anyone who tried to scale the wall. Trump might do likewise if he learns this history. Lucky he can’t read, but a movie that dealt with the Berlin Wall (“The Spy Who Came In From the Cold”) is still in circulation. Please don’t tell Trump about it.