To The Editor:

In the letter to the editor on March 6, 2019, Steven M. Friday asked the question, “Are there any benefits to socialism?” His answer was, “There are no benefits to socialism! None!” Unfortunately, his following description was that of a totalitarian state instead of a socialist state.

Also, I did not understand what Mr. Friday meant when he referred in his fourth paragraph to “DAS Party.” I assume he tried to refer to Nazi Germany when the (die) Nazi Partei (party) was the only party in that totalitarian system that governed its citizens’ lives. But he used “DAS” which is the wrong definitive article for Party (Partei). The German word for party is a feminine gender noun which requires the use of die or Die in front of it. Thanks to the Allied Forces, Hitler’s Third Reich, a totalitarian state, ended in May 1945.

His description of a totalitarian state could also refer to communist Russia because he uses the word “gulag” for prison or to communist-capitalist China because he used the term “re-education.” China did recently acknowledge that its persecuted Uighur ethnic minority was placed in re-education centers. North Korea also would fit Mr. Friday’s description of a totalitarian state.

I suggest for anyone to read up on the present meaning of socialism so that we can better understand why a growing number of millennials would like to see more socialist ideas implemented in our country. Also see: from March 7, 2019.