To The Editor:

Ever since LBJ fantasized that he could end poverty in the United States through his “Great Society” program and, before as well, liberals have obsessed over the issue of poverty and how best they could use it as a cover to endlessly take from the so-called “rich” and give to the “poor.” They, of course, would always be the middlemen in charge of doling out the welfare goodies in exchange for the recipient’s vote while simultaneously having the opportunity to reward their cronies with well-paying cushy jobs with little if any accountability to the taxpayers.

The liberals don’t really stand for much of anything when considered as a party, but will latch on to and espouse virtually any course if it stands the slightest chance of translating into greater political power for them at the ballot box.

They love to spend other people’s money and don’t seem to have the slightest qualm about running the country into ever-deeper catastrophic debt as long as they can sanctimoniously proclaim that they are doing it in the name of “fairness, social justice, equalizing income inequality,” or some other high-sounding, feel-good cover.

Without the liberals’ almost incessant invocation of class envy and/or class warfare, their party might well practically disappear, and they know it.

Over the years their misguided policies have broken up untold numbers of American families and resulted in countless illegitimate births with countless single mothers with dependents, while in effect substituting the government for the missing fathers.

They love to bad mouth capitalism and corporations (“big business”), while hypo-critically failing to even acknowledge that these are the very entities that serve as the golden geese from which they constantly seek to extract the golden eggs to finance their welfare giveaways.

As far as the liberals are concerned, “the rich never pay their fair share” of taxes. Not surprisingly, therefore, their stock solution to just about all of the financial ills of our country is to “raise taxes” ever higher to “share the wealth.”

Speaking of taxes, according to the eminent Tax Foundation at the present time, the top 1 percent of U.S. taxpayers pay more taxes than the bottom 90 percent combined; and the top 50 percent pay 97 percent of all income taxes. Realistically, how much more of their earnings and income can the “rich” be expected to have confiscated in order to finance the never-ending social giveaways the liberals dream up?

Even though liberals claim that income inequality is on the rise, the research of the Tax Foundation indicates that it is no worse today than it was during the Clinton years. As the Bible reminds us so succinctly: “The poor are always among us.”

In their heart of hearts, most liberals know that socialism never works, but nevertheless they cannot give up on making the effort as long as it serves them as a vehicle for hanging onto political power. Without socialistic programs to peddle, they would have precious little with which to attract voters.