To The Editor:

Bulletin: Buy stock in Pampers ASAP! Our national government is currently in the hands of a group of incontinent 2-year-olds, on both sides of the aisle.

We hear Trump saying, “I want $1.7 billion for my wall, or I’ll shut down the government.” On this, at least, he was true to his word. (He once justified his intransigence by saying, “If I back down, I’ll look bad.”)

We hear Pelosi saying, in response, “I’ll give you one dollar for your wall, and I won’t ever compromise.” Last week, Trump made his latest offer: Give me my wall and I’ll let the Dreamers stay here for three years, with no indication of what happens after that. Not surprisingly, Pelosi responded, in essence, “No dice, Donald, unless you end the shutdown.”

Guess how that will work out. I can picture both of these people screaming, red-faced, throwing themselves on the floor and pounding their feet until they get their way — all parents can remember the “terrible twos.”

Pelosi is trying to interfere with Trump’s State of the Union message because, “It would be dangerous.” Alternatively, she says he could present it in writing or by speaking on TV without a live audience. Can anyone actually contemplate that happening? Can anyone think of a safer place than before the Congress? Trump fired back by denying the use of a military plane for Pelosi’s trip to Afghanistan to meet with our troops while sending his family to his palace on, naturally, a USAF airplane. He said, “You can fly commercial,” and of course a list of those flights is easily accessible.

Meanwhile, over 800,000 of our most important citizens are out of work or working without pay. Thus the food banks, the dependence on employed family and neighbors to provide help, the struggles to pay the bills, etc., etc. Trump says, “Most of these people are 100 percent behind me. Nothing bad will happen to them, they will be taken care of.” Right. Tell that to a family running out of food for their children, or listen to the suggestions of some financial genius who suggested having a yard sale, do some babysitting, or, unspoken, perhaps selling yourself on the street?

What other civilized country would do this to their people? How do Trump and the entire Congress allow this to continue? We send those people to Washington to represent us and keep us safe, so why aren’t they doing it? Perhaps they actually are the bunch of spineless worms they appear to be. Now, contrary to my usually obvious liberal stance, I hold all of those 2-year-olds, on both sides of the aisle, responsible for allowing hundreds of thousands of our citizens to suffer. We need to remind ourselves that 60 percent of us are opposed to Trump’s “big, beautiful wall.” That 60 percent needs to figure out a way to deal with those 2-year-olds, perhaps stop paying the salaries of all those privileged people in Washington, especially our billionaire (?) president. I’m still convinced that Trump’s severe personality disorder(s) spill over into psychosis (craziness) at times. I’ve seen this happen many times. If Congress weren’t such a group of ambitious fools looking toward re-election, I think they could make a strong case for invoking the 25th Amendment, “Unfit to Serve.”

One last comment: 400 refugees from Guatemala were recently apprehended after tunneling under the present wall. Think what 4,000 could do, each armed with a shovel, to go beneath Trump’s “big, beautiful wall.” I suppose we could adopt East Germany’s solution to the problem. I hope no one suggests that to Trump. He wouldn’t know about it himself because he doesn’t read anything, which would include history.

God help us all.