To The Editor:

Recently Paul Schwartzkopf of New Haven wrote an opinion letter outlining the functions of the government as listed in the Constitution. He went on to say that President Trump is undermining or destroying those functions, but he provided no examples.

One of the functions Schwartzkopf listed was “provide for the common defense.” President Trump promised that he would build a wall on our southern border to protect the country. Like it or not, some people who enter this country illegally are criminals, and they enter our country and commit serious crimes, including murdering innocent civilians. To ignore this is a disservice to the citizens of this country.

The president and Congress have a duty to protect us, as Schwartzkopf points out. So, is it Trump, or is it Pelosi and the Democrats who are destroying the Constitution? One of Trump’s campaign promises was to build that wall, and unlike most politicians in recent history, he is doing everything he can to keep that promise. He was elected by the American people, and now he is committed to building the wall that clearly many Americans want to see built. He is committed to protecting us, and yet the Democrats are fighting him at every turn.

It is not Donald Trump who is destroying the Constitution. Far from it. He is one of the very few people in government who take the Constitution seriously, and who honors his oath to uphold it. I salute and appreciate anyone in government who does so, and President Trump will certainly have my support in 2020.