To The Editor:

The beginning of a new year is as good a time as any for a letter about our “president” — whom I devoutly wish would behave more presidentially.

He is fond of saying, “Believe me!” If someone says that to you, don’t. “Believe me, nobody knows more about me than (take your choice): military matters, diplomatic matters, choosing staff members, making quick decisions about important foreign policy issues, etc., etc. I have to wonder if he knows more about psychiatric issues than anyone else.

Trump makes impulsive, seat-of-the-pants decisions about countries populated by “bad people.” He’s going to be busy: The U.S. is currently militarily involved with 80 countries, just about any one of which can call him, ask a favor, and have it granted, i.e.: the impulsive decision made after one phone call from the Turkish premier, to pull out of Syria. No wonder Gen. Mattis left his position as military chief of staff, giving Trump three months’ notice, in response to which Trump likely said, “Don’t let the door hit you in the ass as you leave, now.” (Reportedly, Trump has a bright PFC to take his place.) “Believe me, we (I) have ISIS defeated” — until the next 9/11.

One of the recent issues we should all be concerned about, whether we have money in investments or not, is the biggest drop in the value of the stock market since the Great Depression. Anyone feel like selling apples or pencils on street corners, or standing in breadlines? Meanwhile, Secretary Mnuchin is calling banks around the country, asking if they have enough money on hand — to do what? Now, for heaven’s sake, don’t go to your bank and withdraw your money. The U.S. has the strongest economy in the world and we won’t be doing those apples and pencils in breadlines, but we won’t be buying many new vehicles either.

I cribbed a quote from a letter in the latest Smithsonian magazine: “Voltaire said, ‘If we believe absurdities, we will commit atrocities.’ ” Many people believe Trump’s absurdities, but I’m not aware of any atrocities — except perhaps separating children from illegal parents and putting them in camps with no idea when or if they’ll be released. With Trump’s impulsiveness and “depending on his gut,” I wonder and fear when his next absurdity will jump the line to worst atrocities.

One final thought, and I hope no one points this out to Trump. More illegals come through the U.S. — Canadian border than the U.S. — Mexican border; our northern border is almost completely unguarded, and if Trump finds this out, he’ll be demanding another $5 billion wall. Oh, wait, the Canadians will pay for it!

God help us all.