Donald Trump needs to prepare himself for when he is president that all of his actions will be under a magnifying glass, not only by Republicans but by the big, liberal media. That is somewhat true of any president, but Trump’s mouth, his wealth, his expansive business interests and his farflung investments mark him for perhaps the most scutiny ever directed at any president.

How will he handle it?

Presidents are exempt from conflict of interest laws, but any move he makes to enrich himself and his companies by virtue of being president will be well noted by the media and the Republicans. It could destroy him and cripple his presidency.

The Wall Street Journal in an editorial in its weekend edition said Trump should liquidate his stake in his company, put the proceeds in a true blind trust, in which the children keep assets in their name. He can transfer more to them as long as he pays a gift tax, which would be hefty. To do that would be a difficult task for any businessman who has built a giant company over the years and then have to unload it. It would help him avoid accusations that he is enriching himself while president.

If Trump is going to accomplish half of what he has promised, he must not be tied down in trying to put out fires caused by his business interests and his position as president.

As Americans, we all wish him well and hope he delivers on his “Make America Great Again” pledge. He must not be weighed down by his opponents’ accusations. As president, everything he says and does will be carefully examined.

The toughest job in the world does not need to be made tougher!