To The Editor:

What happened in a Newtown, Conn., school was a horrible crime, perpetrated by a young man who had serious problems, and should have been taken out of society, before something like this could happen.

In the final analysis, only the shooter is responsible, regardless of contributing factors. Some say children become desensitized from watching too many violent video games, but I believe the main contributing factor is losing their moral compass, since God has been removed from public schools and almost every part of their lives.

Gun control has failed in America. We should be asking why these massacres occur in schools, theaters and malls.

One defining factor in these massacres is a safe workplace for criminal “perps” has been created, for them to carry out their evil. The Virginia Tech massacre could have been prevented; its Legislature was going to pass legislation to let those with conceal carry permits, carry on campus, but the university objected and said it was about safety, creating a gun-free zone.

We need to do what is being done in schools in Israel, and churches in South Africa, in the early ’90s, when ANC, communists were murdering congregations.

Criminals take the path of least resistance, such as, where people are defenseless. In Israel, the schools were gun free and terrorists would attack children; once they killed 36 children on a school bus. Israeli schools are now armed. Texas and some other states let their teachers and administrators be armed.

Some say we need armed guards in schools; but a couple of armed guards in a large campus wouldn’t be effective.

Will we wake up, in Missouri, to the fact that our teachers and administrators need to be trained, in marksmanship, so they can do an effective job of defending students, as well as themselves?

More people now have conceal carry permits, including teachers, so they wouldn’t need a lot more training, also, the chances of a perp staging an attack, would be a lot less likely, if they knew schools weren’t defenseless.

Some say this should be the job of the police, but when seconds count, police are minutes away.