To The Editor:

I was deeply offended by the letter published this past week written by Ms. Kristen Weber of Fenton, regarding Medicaid in Missouri. If I were to title my letter, it would be “Need to Terminate Medicaid in State.” Ms. Weber either does not understand that Medicaid is paid by our tax dollars or she receives Medicaid and wants to suck more of it from the working public.

According to the Henry J. Kaiser Foundation Report, Missouri spent $8,726,534,192 on Medicaid benefits in 2012. Yes, that’s $8 billion. Does Ms. Weber understand that a large portion of that comes from our tax dollars that people like me pay into the state? We need to reduce Medicaid and make people pay for their own health care.

I am so tired of being told what I am supposed to care about. My wife and I work jobs every day. We pay over $900 a month, yes, $900 a month, for our health insurance. We then have to pay co-pays and deductibles along with that. Why on earth should I be expected to pay for Ms. Weber as well through Medicaid benefits? She needs to get her own insurance under the “Affordable Care Act” that, we all know, will solve all of our health care needs.

Her article is just blatant lies . . . No one is denied the right to health care in Missouri. Any citizen in Missouri can make a doctor’s appointment and see a doctor. Seeing a doctor is not a luxury, it is a right in Missouri. Make your appointment, Ms. Weber. Go see your doctor and take your own checkbook, not the state’s checkbook, so you can pay your own bill. The Legislature is not ignoring the voice of its constituents. It may be ignoring some of them, but it hears me loud and clear. Like a child, Ms. Weber believes that if the Legislature does not do exactly what she wants, then they are ignoring her.

Please provide me some statistics, Ms. Weber, of how many people have died in Missouri due to lack of available health care. No one gives elected officials the right to choose who deserves adequate health care. I have never once had to contact my legislator before I make a doctor’s appointment for myself or my family. I have not heard of a single person who has been denied health care due to a legislator or government intervention. This is a lie perpetuated by those who simply want me to pay their bills.

Ms. Weber, I have thought on why I am fighting this policy. It is because I am tired of paying for lazy people who won’t work and support themselves. If you cannot afford your own health care, get a job. If you cannot afford it for your children, stop having kids you cannot afford. I can tell you this about Missourians who I speak with — we are sick and tired of paying out our tax dollars for Medicaid, food stamps, housing allowances, heat assistance, TANF aid and all the other social welfare programs for lazy, irresponsible people who don’t want to work and cannot keep their pants on and keep having children they cannot afford.

It used to be that you dated people first. Then you got married and set up house. Then, when you had employment and income, you had children and you supported them yourself. Were those really such bad times? I say a resounding “No.” They were good responsible times and we need to return to them. Ms. Weber — take your bleeding heart to your job and get your own health insurance. Stop taking my tax dollars because you are too lazy to figure it out.