To The Editor:

The war on women truly exists.

Yes, women have a choice over their own bodies. Sounds admirable. This war has been going on for 40 years, ever since abortion was made legal for any reason, even as a child is being born (a grisly attack). One political party’s platform says, “Abortion always is a woman’s choice,” while the other party says, “Abortion always kills a human.” There is a hot battle here! Not a war of parties but a war of principle.

Abortion by any method is clearly a legally permissible killing of an innocent human (a most gross and despicable error against the woman and the child alike). Note that the woman who agrees with abortion does not admit what “a woman’s choice” really means. The real choice is whether to kill her own child for any personal reason. What comes to mind when a woman says, “I am with child?” She certainly does not mean she is “with protoplasm.” Does a woman have authority over her own body? Of course she does, but her authority over her own body stops short of killing an innocent human. A just society should protect the innocent and punish the guilty, not the other way around.

There still is hope. Abortion is forgivable through repentance for any error. Of course, repentance requires sorrow and a change of lifestyle. But many Americans are responsible — the mothers, the fathers, and all people who facilitate or even ignore the killings. Check the math. With 50-plus million recorded abortions of American citizens since 1973, all families of our nation have experienced physical, emotional, financial and spiritual pain.

Liberally over 100 million of the 310 million Americans need to repent. It’s no wonder that many national leaders who represent almost half of our electorate have favored abortion. We are a rebellious people if God’s principles get in the way of our personal convenience. We would rather reject God’s authority over our bodies and the lives of our children, rather than to admit our errors. So we just choose to ignore the pain. (Ultimately, each person’s own eternal security is in jeopardy if we reject the loving but just God.)

Abortions are being performed for many reasons, 98 percent of which are for personal choice and convenience, and only 1 percent for rape or incest. These reasons to abort our children include, 1) unmarried relationships and falsified rape, 2) inconvenience to the mother’s schooling, lifestyle, or job, 3) care and cost of raising a child, 4) preference for a male child by aborting a female, 4) constriction of a particular ethnicity (60 percent black and Hispanic abortions), and 5) covering the pain of true rape, which is less than 1 percent of abortions. (Note: Whether the rape is forcible or not, the women suffer physical, emotional and spiritual pain, and all the children suffer physical pain and death.) Yes, this is war against American women and children as well.

There are other important battlefields in addition to abortion in this war on women, each meriting other discussion: 1) ridiculing women who choose to be homemakers, 2) crude speech and lack of respect for women, 3) redefining marriage, 4) redefining family, 5) degrading women by pornography and sexual slavery, 6) placing women in armed mortal combat, 7) promiscuity and homosexuality allowed within colleges, the Armed Services, and our society as a whole, and 8) U.S. subsidizing abortion worldwide.

Is anyone else concerned, or do we let our nation go down the tubes?

The November election may be America’s last opportunity to stand up for your own principles. Don’t vote for a personality; vote for whomever matches your principles. Let me be clear. Your choice for senator and president (and others) is very clear. Make sure that your principles and your vote agree. If you don’t vote, you are actually choosing someone else’s principles.