To The Editor:

I’d like to take this time to say a few kind words for Ms. Jeanine York. I have advertised off and on 20 years with The Missourian. I am an Interstate 44 real estate broker located in Sullivan, Mo.

Due to a tractor injury in 1973, it has worked on my right arm. Many times I was able to drive over to The Missourian from Cuba and Sullivan. When I wasn’t able to get out of the truck, Ms. York would come out to get my ad.

At this point, I’ve had six hip surgeries. I have some lunch money that I want to spend with The Missourian and Ms. York. I hope she gets a commission.

I am going to get started in a slow way doing some advertising with The Missourian, first this letter, and then some small ads.

You should be proud of Ms. York. She is definitely a company person. Since my divorce in February of this year, I lost half of my assets and am getting back on my feet and will place ads from time to time. I always appreciate loyalty and she is the only person who is able to take my copy over the phone and get it right! I’ve used other newspapers across the country and The Missourian always gets it right.

Today was a pleasure to speak with her boss, Bill Miller, Sr.