To The Editor:

During Congress’ August recess I called Rep. Luetkemeyer’s office to see if he would be holding any town hall meetings.

I was told by his aide, Dan, that he was willing to meet with constituents one-on-one but, because what he said might be taken out of context, he would not hold town hall meetings. (Although his “aides” did hold meetings in a couple of cities.)

I know he holds teleconferences, but this is not the same as being able to meet him face-to-face to ask questions. Rep. Luetkemeyer is apparently more concerned with protecting his political “behind” than meeting with the citizens who elected him and pay his salary.

I for one will not vote for him again.

The citizens of this country are being attacked from so many fronts — NSA, IRS, Obamacare — that it is imperative for us to know how he stands on these issues.

Shelia Aten