To The Editor:

In response to recent letters expressing disdain for those who are protesting Donald Trump’s hateful speech/political platform/recent election, I would like to address Marty Riggs and Glen Marquart directly.

I will start by saying that I wholeheartedly disagree with the generalization that there exists an entire generation of crybabies/spoiled brats. That being said, Marty and Glen, I acknowledge that we probably see these issues differently, and that I do not understand your point of view.

Based on both of your articles, I would hazard a guess that you do not understand mine, either. What I have noticed, both pre- and post-election, is a lot of name-calling on all sides, a refusal to listen to other people, and many, many shouts of frustration into the voids that are social and print media. This is my main motivation for writing. I recognize that this editorial space is not actually a place for people to have meaningful conversations with those who do not agree with them. So, I am writing to invite you both to meet with me in person over tea/coffee/lemonade/beer/water/you name it, so that we can talk and listen to each other.

I do not expect we will necessarily change each other’s minds in one short meeting, but I do hope such a meeting will be one small step to understanding each other better. I am a graduate of Washington High School, and a person who belongs to the generation you label as crybabies. (And, though I do not think it should be necessary for me to say this for my letter to be taken seriously, if it means I might be more seriously considered, I will state that since I graduated from high school I have completed my BA and my MA, and have worked full time for several years.)

I hope after our conversation you will leave better understanding the genuine fear I felt during the presidential race, and that I continue to feel in the aftermath of the election. Furthermore, I hope I will come away from our meeting better understanding your own frustrations.

If you are interested, please email me at Whatever your beverage of choice, the first one is on me.